Cross Country Report 21/22

Team Kennet held its Cross Country Presentations last night after training, top 3 in most of the younger age groups and seniors got their awards, highlight was the under 9 girls that won the team prize in the new Destination XC League, 10 under 9 girls ran 2 or more of the four league matches in what was an incredible season for them. Nearly 70 Athletes turned out for the season which was a great effort after two years out due to covid.


  1. Ella Larkin
  2. Isla Ladds
  3. Maisie McCurtin


  1. Malik Gaye
  2. Joshua Kuijten
  3. Alfie Cronk


  1. Ella Cronk
  2. Anna Hall
  3. Harriet Saunders


  1. Noah Lauder-Clarke
  2. Ben Daley
  3. Oskar Larkin


  1. Amber Stiles
  2. Leilah Gaye
  3. Lola Mitcham


  1. Ethan Kuijten
  2. Elliot Murphy
  3. Aaron Carter


  1. Emma Davies


  1. Isaac Mitcham

Senior Women

  1. Sue Francis
  2. Charlotte Aitken

Senior Men

  1. Mitch Poustie
  2. Paul Kemp
  3. Simon Gale

Most Improved Athlete – Amelia Rehill

Champion’s Champion – Ethan Kuijten

TK stars

Ella         Larkin

Isla         Ladds

Joshua   Kuijten

Alfie       Cronk

Ella         Cronk

Harriet  Saunders

Amelia   Rehill

Ben        Daley

Frank     Edwards

Luke       Stiles

Reuben Kuijten

U9G team

Ella         Larkin

Isla         Ladds

Maisie   McCurtin

Elora      Murray

Evie        Kearney

Penelope Lyth

Ella         McDonald

Milly      Davies

Gracie   Cooke

Rose      Bell