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Oxford League Quadkids

In the 3rd match of the Oxford League, Team Kennet’s Under 9 Boys team finished 1st with 651 points. The Under 9 girls team was 2nd with 200 points, the Under 11 boys were 6th with 637 points and the Under 11 girls 2nd with 633 points. Both Under 9 teams won the league with the Under 11 girls 2nd in their age group and the Under 11 boys 6th.

For the Under 9 boys, Austin Ambrose was the overall winner with 195 points with Aiden Fleming 168 (3rd overall), Noah Lauder-Clark 161 (5th overall) and Joshua Ladds 127 the other scorers for the team. Emma Long was the top TK Under 9 girl (4th overall) despite missing the 600m with an ankle injury. Holly Lockett was 5th overall with 97 points.

For the Under 11 girls, Bethany MacLean was overall winner with 216 points with Erin Gosney 177, Eloise Ross 122 and Millie Phillips/Tillie Bell 118 the other scorers. For the Boys, Ethan Kuijten on 212 points was just piped by Harry Fenner on 217 with Will McDonald 208 the other scorer for the team.

In the individual events, there was another overall 1-2-3 by Noah, Austin and Aiden in the U9B Vortex throw, a 1-2 for Austin and Aiden in the long jump and in the 75m and a 3rd overall for for Austin in the 600m. Overall wins for Emma in 75m, Long Jump and Vortex for U9g. An overall 4th place for Will in the U11B long jump and 3rd for Harry in the vortex and an overall wins for Bethany in the U11G Vortex.

Oxford League Match 3

Team Kennet were involved in a very close match in their last junior match of the season in the Oxfordshire Young Athletes League at Horspath on Sunday.

On the day final results saw Team Kennet just win which was good enough to win the League overall and take their fourth junior league match win in a row.

Team Kennet 55
Oxford City 52
Banbury 51
Radley 50
Bicester 46
Abingdon 44
Witney 31
White Horse 18

The under 13 girls were at full strength, but had to settle for second place on the day, Kirsten Fraser and Eve Brown set a high standard for the day in the 1500m as a double win came with superb times of 5.09.8 and 5.37.6. The Sprint Hurdles just before saw two second places from Claire McGonnel 12.9 and Annabel MacLean 13.3.
The 100m Zoe Allen came 2nd in 14.2 and Emma Davies matched this in the B string 14.9, the 200m saw two third places by Allen 29.5 and MacLean 31.5 and in the 800m Davies came in third 2.42.5 and Maddie Baker Third in the B string 3.00.6
The Relay Quartet of Allen, Davies, McGonnell and MacLean came 2nd in 59.2
On the Field, double win came in the Javelin McGonnell 26.38 and Eve Brown 24.25, Allen had to settle for 2nd in the A shot 7.75 and Brown taking 3rd B 5.02, in the Discus MacLean came 4th 17.47 and Fraser a good 2nd 14.41 in the other string.
The Long Jump Octavia Thomas lept 3.87 for 3rd place and Neve Wright 3.66 for 2nd b string, the High Jump Wright came 4th 1.25 and Fraser 3rd B string 1.20

The under 17 women won their match again with a strong squad as all season, Double wins came from Phoebe Hoaen 40.59 and Anna Montagne 23.31 in the Javelin, Sophie Wheadon 32.19 and Hoaen 21.85 in the Discus and Wheadon 10.38 and Montagne 9.34 in the Shot that saw maximum points. The long jump Amy Russell came 4th 4.05 and Ellie Kerslake 2nd B 3.68
The day started with Anna Montagne taking 2nd in the 80m hurdles 12.6, in the sprints Russell came 4th in the 100m 13.7 and Izzy Kerslake 14.1 for 2nd place B, the 200m Russell came 5th 29.2 and Hoaen taking 2nd in the B string 30.2.
The 4 x100m quartet of Russell, Hoaen, Izzy and Ellie Kerslake came 2nd in 56.2.

The under 15 girls were very short of athletes for this match Annelise Gale came 3rd in the 800m 2.36.1, the 300m Aimee Dickson came 5th 46.4 an Gale 3rd B string 50.8, Dickson came 3rd in the 75m hurdles 14.2 in the sprints Ella Ward coming 5th in the 100m 14.5 and 7th in the 200m 30.8, the Shot Dickson was 4th A 6.70 and Gale 3rd B string 5.13

The Under 13 boys also sent out a very strong group of athletes, but were just beaten in to second place, a superb double win came in the long jump by George Down 4.73 and James Fenner 4.03, more Double wins came in the throws by Seb Simpson in the Shot 8.21 and Sam Dennis B string 7.25, Simpson making it a double in the Discus 27.71 and Dennis 20.72 in the B, The Javelin saw Fenner throw 28.55 and Joseph Hoaen 23.30 for another double, William Appleby lept 1.15 in the high jump for 6th place.
The Track didn’t fair so well Doen had to settle for 3rd place in the 100m 13.8 and 2nd in the 200m 28.6 A strings, Edward Mackie came 3rd B in the 100m 15.6 and matched this in the 200m 32.0
The 800m Hoaen came 5th 2.51.9 and the 1500m Jacob Woods 4th 5.25.4 and Kian Darcy Masters 3rd B 5.48.7
The relay quartet of Down, Mackie, Fenner and Hoaen came 3rd 61.0

The under 15 boys had good competition as they came 4th in their age group, Jonah Briggs came 6th in both his 100m 13.3 and 200m 28.6, Matt Jones came 3rd B in the 100m 13.5 and Noah Kemp came 3rd in the 1500m 4.54.7 and matched this in the 300m 48.5, best result in the field came in the high jump with two very good 2nd places from Matt Jones and George Mackie both jumping 1.45, Oliver Ford took the only win in this age group on the day in the Discus 32.58 and had to settle for 2nd places in the Shot 11.03 and Javelin 33.65 and Noah Kemp took 3rd B in the discus 15.81, The Long Jump Jones came 6th with 4.71 and Briggs 3rd B 4.04

The under 17 men could only field 3 athletes Oliver Bazin 12.0 and Ethan Haines 11.7 teamed up in the 100m both coming 2nd place, again they teamed up in the 200m Bazin 2nd in the A string 24.9 and Haines winning the B string 24.5, for the third time they teamed up in the Long Jump Bazin 2nd A with 5.28 and Haines taking 4th B 4.36, Alex McLaughlin came 3rd in the Discus 27.31

World Age Group Triathlon

Team Kennet had two athletes compete in the World Age Group triathlon championships held in Switzerland.

Gavin Mclaughlin took part in the 50-54 age group which saw him finish 24th out of 130 competitors and 4th British athlete home.
In the younger 35-39 age group Simon whatson was amongst some very elite men with some 150 competitors coming home in 79th place.

U15/20 Inter County

Team Kennet had several athletes compete in the u15/20 inter counties match at Horspath on Saturday.

In the under 15 age group Liam Cawley represented Hampshire in the Javelin to throw 56.61 to take 1st place.

In the under 20 age group representing Berkshire Phoebe Hoaen stepped up from u17 to throw heavier weight in the Javelin coming 3rd with 37.33, Oliver Bazin also stepped up an age group coming 5th in the 400m 54.87 and 10th in the Long Jump 5.62, Stuart Bladon as an u20 came 3rd in the Javelin 47.42 and 3rd in the 110m Hurdles in 14.74m

SEAA Championships

Team Kennet had two club medallists inf the SEAA Championships at Ashford.

Gold went to Liam Cawley in the under 15s javelin with a throw of 56.46 and Silver went to Phoebe Hoaen in the under 17 womens javelin throwing 42.30

Well done you two superb efforts

British Vets Championships

Team kennet athlete Duncan Mcgrory won gold at the British Vets Championships over the weekend at birmingham
Duncan took part in the vet 60 age group taking part in the 2000m steeplechase winning in 7mins 45. 93 seconds by a margin of 19 seconds

Oxford League Match 2

Team Kennet Juniors rose to the occasion over the school summer holidays to win the latest round of the Oxford Young Athletes League at Banbury to give them a chance of winning the league, this was the third Junior match win in a row, with one match left in September a win will secure overall league Title.

Team Kennet 63
Radley 55
Banbury  53
Oxford 52
Bicester  47
Abingdon 37
White Horse Harriers 22
Witney  16

On the day all the three female age groups won their matches, Zoe Allen was on holiday form getting a sprint double in the 100m 13.7 and 200m 28.7, she was well backed up in the B strings as Emma Davies 100m 14.8 came 2nd and this placing was matched in the 200m with Annabel Maclean 31.2, the 800m saw a Double win from Eve Brown 2.37.9 and Emma Davies 2.45.5.
Annabel Maclean took part in her first 70m hurdles race to come away with a great win in 13.3 and finally on the track the quartet of Allen, Brown, Davies and Maclean took a convincing win in the 4x100m relay in 59.6
The field events saw Zoe Allen make it a hattrick of wins in the Shot with 7.90 and Brown securing a second win in the B string 5.72, the Discus Keira Cawley came 2nd 12.67 and Caitlyn Davies winning the B string 11.20, the Javelin Maclean came 3rd with 20.08, in the Jumps Neve Wright came 3rd in the High 1.25 and 5th in the long 3.63 with the B string Emma Davies taking 3rd place.

The under 15 girls track a superb Double win came in the 800m Annabel Todd 2.34.4 and Annalise Gale 2.39.7, in the longer 1500m Emily Tucker came 3rd, the 300m Aimee Dickson came 4th 47.1 and a great run by Tucker took a B string win 46.5, Annabel Gibson came 4th in the 100m 14.2 and Dickson took 3rd B string 14.1, in the 75m hurdles Lottie Absolom came 2nd 13.5 and Dickson made it a B string win 14.2, finally on the track the 4x100m team of Todd, Tucker, Gale and Dickson came home in 2nd place.
The Field events faired well for the girls, Absolom in the Long jump came 2nd 4.18 and Todd taking a B string win 4.01, Absolom came 2nd in her high jump 1.38, tucker came 2nd in the Shot 8.18 with Gale taking 3rd B string, two 3rd places came in the Discus Todd 20.80 and Gale 12.90

The under 17 women turned out a good squad as they have done all season, Ellie Kerslake came 2nd in the 100m 13.5, same placing in the 200m from Amy Russell 28.8, in the slightly longer 300m Lily Darcy Masters just got to the finish line in first place 48.8, the long jump saw Ellie Kerslake 5th A and Izzy Kerslake 2nd, Phoebe Hoaen had a good day 2nd in the Shot 8.46 then wins coming from the Discus 21.78 then her best event the Javelin 39.85

The under 15 boys were the highest placed from the males in 2nd place, Liam Cawley securing 3 wins in the Javelin 48.64, the Discus 32.23 and Shot 11.34, Kian Hockaday took part in the B strings Javelin 2nd 25.77, and 3rd places from the Discus 14.78 and Shot 5.50.
Matthew Jones cleared 1.40 to finish 2nd in the high Jump with B string George Mackie winning with same height, both teamed up again in the long jump Jones leaping 4.63 for 3rd place and another B win from Mackie 4.49
Best track event came from Noah Kemp in the 1500m winning in 4.58.9, Kemp came 4th in the 300m 48.3, Mackie came 3rd in the 200m 27.9 and Jones coming 5th in the 100m
The 4x100m relay Jones, Mackie, Kemp and Hockaday came home in 2nd place.

The under 13 boys age group saw maximum points coming from the throws James Fenner throwing 30.41 in the Javelin and Joseph Hoaen 21.55, the Discus Seb Simpson 21.27 and Hoaen 15,42 and finally the Shot Simpson 8.20 and Sam Dennis 6.55
Fenner came 2nd in the Long Jump 3.84 and Kian Darcy Masters 5th B string.
The sprints Edward Mackie came 5th and Darcy Masters 5th in the 100m, while in the 200m Fenner came 4th and Mackie 3rd place.
The 4 x100m team of Darcy Masters, Mackie, Fenner and Hoaen came home in 3rd place.

Finally the under 17 men saw only one TK member Harry Booker, he broke his own Discus record throwing 41.53, clearing 1.60 in the high jump for 2nd place and matching this in the long jump 5.15

Oxford League Quadkids

In the 2nd match of the Oxford League, Team Kennet’s Under 9 Boys team finished 1st with 633 points. The Under 9 girls team was 2nd with 159 points, the Under 11 boys were 4th with 779 points and the Under 11 girls 3rd with 564 points.

For the Under 9 boys, Austin Ambrose was the overall winner with 199 points with Aiden Fleming 152, Noah Lauder-Clark 145 and Zack Humphreys 137 the other scorers for the team. Emma Long was the sole Under 9 girl and came 1st overall.

For the Under 11 girls, Bethany MacLean was overall winner with 212 points with Amber Styles 152, Lilia Gale 124 and Florence Waite 76 the other scorers. For the Boys, Ethan Kuijten on 210 points was overall 7th with Will McDonald 201, Harry Fenner 195 and Charlie Todd 173 all scoring points for the team.

In the individual events, the highlight performances were an overall 1-2-3 by Noah, Flynn Murray and Austin in the U9B Vortex throw, Overall wins for Austin in the 75m and Long Jump, both of which broke 7 year old club records. Overall wins for Emma in 75m, 600m and Vortex for U9g. An overall 3rd place for Will in the U11B vortex and overall wins for Bethany in the U11G 600m and Vortex plus a 2nd place in the 75m.

Inter Counties Match

Team kennet had several athletes compete for Berkshire at the inter counties u13 match held at Kingston.

Best result of the day came from Seb Simpson in the Discus as he came 2nd overall with a throw of 25.36 putting him 9th in the UK rankings. He also threw the shot 8.12 for 7th in the b string.

James Fenner came 7th in the A string Javelin throwing 29.44.

The girls best result came from Eve Brown throwing 27.02 in the javelin for 2nd b string and in the A string Claire McGonnel came 7th with a throw of 24.39.

Kirsten Fraser came 5th in the 1500m in 4.58 and finally Zoe Allen representing Oxfordshire ran 14.4 in 100m and 29.93 in 200m and threw 7.85 in the shot to come 4th A string.

Wessex Medals

Team Kennet Juniors receiving their Wessex Young Athletes Track & Field Bronze Medals for finishing Third in the league at a recent training evening.

Both Ben East and Phoebe Hoaen also received their League Record Medals for breaking league records in the under 17 Javelin as well as the Under 17 Women and Under 13 Girls both Silver and Under 17 men Bronze getting their age group league medals.

In total over 100 Juniors represented the club in this league this season