Sportshall Match 3

Sportshall Match 3 – 26th January 2020

Sunday was the last sportshall league match of the season, making it the last for Annabel Gibson as she moves to U17. Annabel has competed for Team Kennet in Sportshall since she was 9 years old. In this last match she came 3rd in the Standing long jump with 2.04m and was joined by Aimee Dickson in the 8 lap paarlauf coming 2nd with 99.1sec. Aimee also came 4th in the speedbounce. Annabel and Aimee bought the U15 league competition to close with overall 4th place.

The U11 Girls once again dominated the speedbounce with all 6 competitors coming in the top 8 out of the 42 taking part. Emeilia Lunn came 1st with 52, Emma Long 2nd with 51, In joint 4th with 50 were Millie Philips, Erin Gosney and Imogen Cowell. Close behind was Lilia Gale with 48.

Bethany Maclean and Erin have made a brilliant 6 lap Paarlauf pairing this year and finished with a first place in 77.8sec. Bethany also came 3rd in the foam javelin with 11.5m. Overall in the league the girls came 5th.

The U11 Boys also came 5th overall. Connor Jordan and Ethan Kuijten made a fantastic team winning the 6 lap Paarlauf with 76.3sec. Connor also won the vertical jump with 50cm and took 3rd in the speedbounce with 51. Ethan jumped one more coming 2nd in the speedbounce with 52 jumps.  In the foam javelin Joseph Bell came 3rd with 14.75m. The three were joined by Thomas Payne to come 5th in the 4×2 relay.

Sportshall U13/15 Championships

Sportshall U13/15 Championships

On Sunday 9 of our athlete competed in the Sportshall Berkshire Championships in a combination of individual and team competitions.

Congratulations to our U15 girls who ended an intense afternoon winning team bronze medals. The 2 experienced and 2 first timers all competed both as individuals and as a team, a total of 8 events each.  As individuals Aimee Dickson and Annabel Gibson came joint 5th overall with Lottie Absolum and Gemma Moon coming 11th and 14th respectively.

In the events, the girls had a succession of top 5 performances including Aimee 1st in speedbounce (87) and 3rd in shot (7.72m). Annabel 4th in Long Jump (2.04m) and 5th in speedbounce (73). The pair joined up to come third in the 8 lap paarlauf. Aimee, Annabel, Gemma and Lottie then joined together to  come 4th in the 4×2 lap relay.

The U13 Girls and Boys all competed as individuals. In the girls Lyla Goodwin lead the way coming 11th overall. Clare McGonnell came 28th and Carly Chrisholm 45th. Clare came 3rd in the speedbounce with 75 jumps. Lyla managed 4th place in both the standing long jump (1.96m) and vertical jump (42cm).

The boys were represented by Joseph Hoaen and William Appleby both in their lower year of the U13’s managed individual placings of 17th and 18th respectively.


Sportshall U11 Championship

Under 11 Sportshall Championship

Sunday was the Sportshall U11 Berkshire Championships. Our teams had some fantastic individual results.

In the U11 boys we had first places from Connor Jordan in the vertical jump with 53cm and second place in the triple jump from Ethan Kuijten with 5.52m. Ethan also came third in the speedbounce with 51 jumps and with Connor in the 1+1 lap (23.5sec). The team of Oli Orr, Thomas Payne, Ethan and Connor joined forces to come 4th in the 4×1 lap and an impressive 2nd in the grandprix after winning their heat by a half lap.

The U11 girls also had several top places. Bethany Maclean got first in speedbounce (54 jumps) and Indoor Javellin (13.75m), finishing her field events with a third in the vertical jump (43cm). Millie Philips came 4th in the highstepper with 14.8s. Zoe Dickson threw the javelin to 5th place with 11.5m. The girls (Leilah Gaye, Erin Gosney, Millie & Bethany) also finished the day with an impressive grandprix, winning their heat but coming second overall by 0.2s.

Sportshall League Match 2

Berkshire Sportshall League Match 2

In the second match of the Berkshire Sportshall League our best team result came from our U15 girls who managed 3rd place. They were closely followed by the U11 Boys in 4th place The U11 girls cam 5th, U13 Boys and Girls came 6th.

In the U11 Boys Connor Jordon led the way with 3 first places. The 1 lap obstacle with 18.1 sec, the 2 lap with 22.8sec and the vertical jump with 48cm. He was closely followed by Ethan Kuijten in 2nd place on the 1 lap obstacle with 18.7sec. Will McDonald gave us another 2nd place with a score of 13 in the target throw.

The U11 girls managed a 1,2,3 in the Hi Stepper. Erin Gosney won it with 13.7sec, Emeilia Lunn (in her first competition) took 2nd with 14.0sec, closely followed by Bethany Maclean in third with 14.1sec. Bethany got the team another 1st place in the 1 lap obstacle with 19.1sec, 2nd place in the vertical jump with 45cm and third in the 2 lap with 24.9sec. Erin also got 4th place in the target throw with a score of 10.

In the U13 boys our best result came from James Fenner in the StandingTriple jump with 6.16m putting him in 3rd place. James also came 5th with Ivan Chezmanov in the 1+1 lap. William Appleby also managed a 5th place in the 1 lap obstacle.

The U13 girls relay team of Annabel Maclean, Zoe Allen, Clare McGonnell and Carly Chrisholm worked incredibly well together to come 2nd in the obstacle relay. Annabel also came 2nd in the Standing Triple Jump with 6.44 and 4th in the 1 lap obstacle (18.5sec). Zoe threw the shot to 4th place with 6.75m.

Finally the U15 Girls each managed a top 3. Aimee Dickson claimed 1st in the speedbounce with 85, Annabel Gibson 2nd in the Standing Long Jump with 2.13m and Emily Tucker 3rd in the shot with 8.90m.

Sportshall League Match 1

The first match of the new sportshall season saw the teams dominating the speedbounce and foam javelin competitions with top performances in each team.

The U11 Boys, all new to sportshall had a fantastic start to the afternoon, winning their heat in the first race of the day, putting them 5th in the hurdles relay. Our top results came from Connor Jordon and Will McDonald. Connor won the 1 lap in 11.9s, and jumped to 2nd place in the standing triple jump with 5.30m. Will got to the end of the foam javelin runway with his winning throw of 19.5m.

The U11 girls team came 4th overall. Bethany Maclean, won both the speedbounce with 56 and the foam javelin with 14.0m before coming 2nd in the individual 1 lap with 12.5s. Emma Long and Erin Gosney were joint 2nd in the speedbounce with 54. Erin also took 3rd place in the chest push with 5.25m. 4th places were gained by Leilah Gaye in the standing triple jump with 4.68m and the team of Bethany, Leilah, Lilia Gale and Zoe Dickson in the hurdles relay.

The U13 girls continued the theme with Annabel Maclean winning the speedbounce with 85 and Zoe Allen close behind coming 2nd with 80. Zoe and Annabel then came joint 4th in the individual 1 lap.

Finally in the U15 girls Aimee Dickson came 2nd in the speedbounce by 1 jump with 87 and Emily Tucker took 2nd place in the chest push with 5.5m

Sportshall National Finals

Team Kennet Athletes in Athletics National Finals.

Team Kennet had 3 athletes representing Berkshire at the National Finals for Sportshall Athletics at Sportcity, Manchester this weekend. Sportshall is an indoor athletics competition for young athletes up to age 15.

On Saturday Aimee Dickson represented the U13 girls. After winning the regional finals, the Berkshire girls came an incredibly close 2nd place at the UK final. Aimee won individual gold in the speedbounce and the 4×1 sprint relay.

On Sunday Oliver Gregory and Harry Booker represented the U15 boys. Having come 2nd in the regional finals earlier in the season, they were invited to the UK final as the best runners up in the country. The Berkshire team were victorious and came out as the U15 boys UK champions. Harry also won silver as an individual in the shot. Both athletes have had a fantastic sportshall career with Harry representing Berkshire for 5 successive years and Oliver for 3 years. Congratulations to both of them for finishing their sportshall careers on such a high.

Sportshall Regional Final

Sportshall InterCounties match

Sunday 3rd March was the Sportshall South East Regional Final. Team Kennet had 5 athletes selected to represent Berkshire.

James Fenner and Max Casey were selected for the U11 boys, who won the competition overall. Max won the relay and come 3rd in the chest push (7.25m). James came 4th in the obstacle relay.

The U13 girls also won the competition and will be going forward to the National Finals in April. Aimee Dickson won 2 golds in the Obstacle relay and 4×1 relay

Harry Booker and Oliver Gregory had their last ever sportshall match with the Berkshire U15 boys, who finished 2nd on the day. Both have been selected to represent Berkshire multiple times in their sportshall career. They finished on a high with personal bests in shot with Harry winning gold(13.36m), Oliver silver (12.2m). Oliver also won gold in the 4×2 relay. In the all rounder competition Harry came 9th and Oliver 21st.

Sportshall League match 3

Sportshall Match 3 – 27th January 2019

In the last match of the sportshall season the team gave everything and were rewarded with a long list of top threes.

The U11 boys blue team had their best team result of the season, coming in second on the day. Ivan Chekmazov and Jack Pyke ran an outstanding Paarlauf winning by 1.4 seconds with 70.6sec. Ivan also came second in the vertical jump (47cm). James Fenner won the indoor javelin with 16.50m and came 3rd in the speed bounce (52). William won the target throw with a score of 12. In the red team Max Adams came just behind James in the speed bounce with a score of 51.

The U11 girls were up against very strong teams. Their best results came from Tillie Bell taking 5th in the Balance test with a near perfect score of 53 seconds and Millie Philips in the speed bounce with 50 jumps coming 7th. The majority of the girls were lower age U11 and so are looking forward to an excellent season next year.

In the older groups Aimee Dickson won the U13 girls speed bounce with 84 and in his last sportshall match for Team Kennet Harry Booker (U15 boys) once again won the Shot with 12.06m and came third in the triple jump.
Best of luck to all our athletes waiting to hear if they have made the Berkshire County team

Sportshall Championships

Sportshall U13/15 Championships

We took 7 athletes to the U13 &15 sportshall championships on Sunday. Both teams were low on numbers, but all athletes were able to compete as individuals and join some of the team events.

The Under 15 boys nearing the end of their sportshall time gave fantastic performances with Harry Booker winning the silver medal (221pts) and Oliver Gregory coming fourth (215pts), just missing out on a medal by 4 points. In the individual events they shone in the shot (again!) with Harry winning (12.61m) and Oliver close behind in 2nd (11.86m). Harry also came 2nd in the speed bounce (78), 3rd in the Standing triple jump (7.19m) and 5th in the 4 lap (44.4s). Oliver came 4th in the standing long jump (2.43m) and 5th in standing triple jump (7.01m), 2 lap (20.4s) & 4 lap (44.4s).

In the U13 girls Aimee Dickson came 5th in the overall competition, winning the speedbounce (83) and coming 4th in the 1 lap obstacle (17.8s).  Harriet Gibson came 4th in the speedbounce (72). 

The individual placings for the rest of the U13 girls (all first year U13) were Lyla Goodwin 23rd, Harriett 29th, Grace Wotherspoon 42nd and Alanna Smith 44th.

Sportshall U11 Championships

Under 11 Sportshall Championship

The U11 boys just missed out on medals on Sunday at the Sportshall Championship, coming fourth. The team had several top 3 finishes and finished the day with on a high winning their heat in the GrandPrix.

James Fenner continued Team Kennet’s success in the Triple Jump with a jump of 5.77m giving him first place. This was matched by Jack Pyke coming first in the high stepper with 13 seconds. Second place was taken by Ivan Chekmazov and Ethan Kuijten in the Paarlauf with 71.6sec (winning their heat by half a lap!)

The team got several third places between them, James in the 1 lap obstacle, Matthew Howard in the chest push and the team of James, Jack, Ivan and Ethan in the 4×1 sprint relay & overall in the Grand Prix.

The U11 girls came in 9th with an undersized team. That didn’t stop them putting in maximum effort, especially when Charlotte Morgan, Leilah Gaye, Sophie Byway and Georgina Johnston showed off their speed, agility and determination by winning the GrandPrix overall.

Georgina, in her first sportshall competition, took second place in the target throw. The speedbouncers Charlotte and Tillie Bell got 48 and 49 jumps giving them 3rd and 5th place. Sophie also came 4th in the chest push with 5.0m.