Sportshall Championships

Sportshall U13/15 Championships

We took 7 athletes to the U13 &15 sportshall championships on Sunday. Both teams were low on numbers, but all athletes were able to compete as individuals and join some of the team events.

The Under 15 boys nearing the end of their sportshall time gave fantastic performances with Harry Booker winning the silver medal (221pts) and Oliver Gregory coming fourth (215pts), just missing out on a medal by 4 points. In the individual events they shone in the shot (again!) with Harry winning (12.61m) and Oliver close behind in 2nd (11.86m). Harry also came 2nd in the speed bounce (78), 3rd in the Standing triple jump (7.19m) and 5th in the 4 lap (44.4s). Oliver came 4th in the standing long jump (2.43m) and 5th in standing triple jump (7.01m), 2 lap (20.4s) & 4 lap (44.4s).

In the U13 girls Aimee Dickson came 5th in the overall competition, winning the speedbounce (83) and coming 4th in the 1 lap obstacle (17.8s).  Harriet Gibson came 4th in the speedbounce (72). 

The individual placings for the rest of the U13 girls (all first year U13) were Lyla Goodwin 23rd, Harriett 29th, Grace Wotherspoon 42nd and Alanna Smith 44th.

Sportshall U11 Championships

Under 11 Sportshall Championship

The U11 boys just missed out on medals on Sunday at the Sportshall Championship, coming fourth. The team had several top 3 finishes and finished the day with on a high winning their heat in the GrandPrix.

James Fenner continued Team Kennet’s success in the Triple Jump with a jump of 5.77m giving him first place. This was matched by Jack Pyke coming first in the high stepper with 13 seconds. Second place was taken by Ivan Chekmazov and Ethan Kuijten in the Paarlauf with 71.6sec (winning their heat by half a lap!)

The team got several third places between them, James in the 1 lap obstacle, Matthew Howard in the chest push and the team of James, Jack, Ivan and Ethan in the 4×1 sprint relay & overall in the Grand Prix.

The U11 girls came in 9th with an undersized team. That didn’t stop them putting in maximum effort, especially when Charlotte Morgan, Leilah Gaye, Sophie Byway and Georgina Johnston showed off their speed, agility and determination by winning the GrandPrix overall.

Georgina, in her first sportshall competition, took second place in the target throw. The speedbouncers Charlotte and Tillie Bell got 48 and 49 jumps giving them 3rd and 5th place. Sophie also came 4th in the chest push with 5.0m.

Sportshall League match 2


Team Kennet took 23 athletes to the second sportshall league match on Sunday. This was the first match for the U11’s.

The U 11 boys blue team came 5th on the day and our partial red team came 16th. Our U11 girls team came 13th. Most of these teams were first timers and lower age still learning the events but are showing great potential for the future. Our best results came Max Cassey, James Fenner and Ivan Chekmazov. Max in his first ever match won the triple Jump with 5.78m and also got 3rd in chest push (6.5m).  James took 2nd in High Stepper with 13.5 sec, 3rd in chest push (6.5m) and 4th in vertical jump (41). Ivan got 4th in the 2 lap with 22.4sec. James and Ivan were joined by Joseph Hoaen and Enzo Morrison to come 4th in the 4×1 lap.

The U13 Girls are currently 5th in the league and boys 9th. The best result came from Aimee Dickson coming first in the balance test (60sec ) and 5th in the vertical jump with 45cm. She was closely followed by Lyla Goodwin with 44cm in the vertical jump.

The U15 team of Harry Booker and Oliver Gregory continued their domination of sportshall in Berkshire by achieving top 3 in every event.  Harry won the Chest Push with 7.25m, came 2nd in Standing triple jump with 7.39m and Hi Stepper (11.7s) and finally 3rd in 4 lap, 43.8. Oliver came second in the 4 lap with 43.2s, and third in Standing triple jump (7.31), Hi Stepper (12.5) and Chest Push (6.5m).  A force to reckoned with!

Sportshall League

Team Kennet had their first Sportshall League Match of the season on Sunday at Eton. We took 17 U13 and U15 athletes. Most teams were short on numbers but had excellent results beating other teams of the same size.

The U15 boys came 4th, with Harry Booker and Oliver Gregory battling each other for position, coming first and second in both the 4 lap and shot. Harry won out with 44.6 seconds in the run, beating Oliver by just 0.2 seconds with 44.8sec. In the shot it was Harry again with 12.66m to Oliver’s 12.19m. Annabel Gibson represented the U15 girls by herself coming 8th overall. Her best result coming in the standing triple jump where 6.09m put her in third place.

The two U13 boys, Ben Fisher and Edward Cain came eighth overall, even beating another team of 3 athletes. The U13 girls were the best represented on the day, with the full blue team coming fifth and the partial red team coming eleventh. The best individual results came from Aimee Dickson winning the speed bounce with 78 and 4th in the shot with 6.66m. Alanna Smith, in her first sportshall competition, sped home in the 6 lap to take 5th with 83.2 sec and Lyla Goodwin jumped to 6th in the standing Long jump with 2.02m.

Sportshall Regional Finals

Team Kennet had three athletes competing for Berkshire this year.

In the U11 girls, Lyla Goodwin, Grace Wotherspoon and the rest of the Berkshire team came 2nd in the South East Regional final, only beaten by an incredibly narrow margin by Surrey. Both got new personal bests in the Standing Long Jump. Lyla with 2.02m and Grace with 1.96m.

In the U15 boys, Harry Booker was selected for the Berkshire team for the 4th year running. The Berkshire Boys won the regional final with Harry managing 3rd place in the Shot Putt with 11.21m. He will join the rest of the Berkshire team for the national final in April.

Sportshall League Match 3

Sportshall League Match 3 – 28th January 2018

For the final sportshall league match we took 19 athletes to Eton.

Our best team result came from the U11 girls blue team, who won their second bronze medals of the season. A mix up in the timings on the speedbounce, which meant the girls had to jump for 30 seconds instead of 20, didn’t phase Lyla Goodwin (80 jumps) and Katie Pennicott (76 jumps) as they claimed 1st and 3rd places. Lyla also placed second in Long Jump with 1.94m.

The team had several 4th places in individual events. Katie Pennicott in Foam Javelin with 11.75m, Harriet Gibson in Balance Beam (56sec) and Target throw (6pts). The team, including Neve Wright placed 4 in the 4×1 relay and 6th in the Paarlauf.

For the first time this season we took a second U11 girls team, The two girls had a fantastic first ever match with Alanna Smith winning the foam Javelin with 12.50m and Tilly Sideso matching Harriet in 4th place on the Balance Beam with 6 pts.

The U11 Boys team placed 8th out of 15th overall. The highlights were Theo winning the target throw with 9 pts and Ben coming 3rd in the speedbounce with 53 jumps.

The U13 and 15 teams have kept going all season with reduced numbers, but have had some fantastic individual results. In this match Aimee Dickson (U13) won the speedbounce with 88 jumps, Pheobe Hoaen (U15) won the overhead throw with 6.5m and Sophie Weadon came 4th in the shot putt with 8.78m.

For the boys Harry Booker and Oliver Gregory (U15) continued to dominate the Shot taking 2nd (11.28m) and 3rd (9.88m). The same pairing also managed 4th place in the paarlauf with 90.1s. Oliver Bazin completed the U15 boys team with 5.25m in the overhead throw giving him 4th place.

With the season at an end we have had 3 athletes (U15 – Harry Booker, U11 – Grace Wotherspoon and Lyla Goodwin) selected to compete for Berkshire at the upcoming Regional Final and wish them the best of luck.

There are photos from the event on the Team Kennet Facebook Group.
















U13/15 Sportshall Championships

Sportshall U13 &U15 Championship – 14th January 2018

Sunday was the U13 and U15 Sportshall Championship Match at Eton, with 14 Team Kennet athletes taking part.

The U15 Boys, Harry Booker and Oliver Gregory took part in the individual competition coming 11th and 14th respectively. In the field events Harry came 1st in the shot with 11.25m and Oliver 3rd with 10.68m. Harry also came 3rd in the speedbounce with 80 jumps.

In the U13 boys, Oliver Humphrey came 5th in the 2 lap time trial with 22.3s and Sam Campbell 5th in the speedbounce with 73 jumps. As a small team they came 6th overall. In the individual competition Oliver came 13th, Sam 16th and Harry Davis 21st.

The U13 Girls had Aimee Dickson place 2nd in the speedbounce with 81 jumps, Annabel Todd 5th in the 6 lap time trial with 79.8s and Annabel Gibson 5th in the Obstacle Course with 18.1s. The team came 6th overall with the individual placings of Annabel Todd 10th, Annabel Gibson 14th, Aimee Dickson 17th, Ella Ward 23rd and Charlie Pennicott 34th.

The U15 Girls were our only full team on the day coming in 5th place. Anna Montagne took 2nd in the 4 lap time trial with 45.7s, Ellie Armstrong 4th in the vertical jump with 55cm and Sophie Weadon 4th in the shot with 9.19m. In the overall individual competition Anna came 10th, Ellie 19th, Sophie 23rd and Phoebe Hoaen 26th

The last competition of the season is on 28th January.

Sportshall U11 Championships

Eleven Juniors went to Eton on Sunday to compete in the Berkshire U11 Sportshall Championships. Our girls came home celebrating winning Silver medals, with a host of outstanding performances.

Our highest placed individuals for the girls were Katie Pennicott in 2nd place in the Speedbounce with 53 jumps. Lyla Goodwin 2nd in the Long Jump with 1.98m, closely followed by Grace Wotherspoon in 3rd with 1.93m. Harriet Gibson took 3rd in the target throw with 6 points and Kirsten Fraser 4th in the Triple Jump with 5.50m.

As a team Katie, Grace, Catherine Jones and Neve Wright came 2nd in the 4×1 lap relay. The final event saw Lyla, Katie, Kirsten and Harriet charge through the Grand Prix, winning their heat and taking 2nd overall.

The 2 older U11 Boys (who only joined Team Kennet in October!) were superb in their individual events with Andrew Barker securing 2nd in the Foam Javellin with 16.75m and Ben Fisher taking 2nd with 50 jumps in the speedbounce. Our younger U11’s James Fenner and William Appleby completed the team and showed massive potential, ready to challenge for top spot next year.

The next event is the U13 & U15 Berkshire Championships on January 14th 2018

See Team Kennet’s facebook group for a number of photos from the event

Sportshall League Match 2

Sportshall League Match 2 – 19th November 2017

Sunday was the Juniors second Sportshall League Match of the season at Eton.

The U15 Boys, with a small team of Harry Booker, Oliver Gregory and Oliver Bazin came 6th on the day and are currently 6th in the league. The best individual results were Harry Winning the Chest Push with 6.75m and Oliver G coming 2nd in the balance test with 45seconds. The U15 girls were represented by the lone Phoebe Hoaen, who placed 3rd in the hi-stepper with a time of 13.1sec.

The U13 Boys, had their best result from Oliver Humphrey, coming 4th in the 1 lap Obstacle. With his team mate of Harry Davis the team were again limited in available events and came 11th on the day. They are currently 11th in the league.

The U13 Girls had a full team this match of Aimee Dickson, Annabel Gibson, Ella Ward and Charlie Pennicott. They placed 7th on the day and are currently 11th in the league. Aimee took 1st place in the balance beam with the maximum score of 60sec.

The U11 boys are quickly getting to grips with sportshall and came 10th on the day, currently standing 8th in the league. The team consisted of Theo Campbell, William Appleby, James Fenner, Joseph Hoaen and Ben Fisher.

The U11 girls were again our highest placing team on the day, coming 2nd. They are currently 3rd in the league. Lyla Goodwin, Grace Wotherspoon, Harriet Gibson, Kirsten Fraser, Katie Pennicott and Neve Wright are making an impact. We had 2nd place from Grace in Chest Push with 5.75m and Katie in the target throw with 8 points. Next with 3rd place were Neve in the Standing Triple jump with 5.41m and Lyla in the Balance Test with 51seconds. On the track Lyla and Grace came 3rd in the 1+1 Lap.

The next event is the U11 Championships on the 10th December.

Berkshire Sportshall League Match 1

Team Kennet had their first Sportshall League Match of the season on Sunday at Eton. With 282 athletes, 19 from Team Kennet, it was a busy afternoon. The U15 and U13 teams were short on athletes so couldn’t compete in all events, but had some fantastic individual performances.

The U15 boys came 5th, with individual wins from Harry Booker in the Shot and Oliver Bazin in the Chest Push. Harry also came 2nd in the Hi Stepper. Oliver Gregory and Oliver Bazin took 3rd in shot and Standing Long Jump respectively.

The U13 boys had just 2 athletes, coming 11th. U13 Girls, with 3 athletes, came 12th overall. An individual win came from Aimee Dickson in the Speedbounce with Annabel Gibson taking 4th in the Hi stepper.

The U11 boys team were all newcomers to Sportshall competition, but quickly became team mates and jumped straight in, coming 6th overall. Andrew Barker won the foam Javelin and in the 2+2 lap the team of Theo Campbell and James Fenner took 2nd place.

The U11 girls had our best team result of the day, coming 3rd place overall. Highlights include Kirsten Fraser coming 2nd in the standing long jump, closely followed by Lyla Goodwin just 2cm behind in 5th place. Harriet Gibson took 3rd in the Speedbounce, Grace Wotherspoon came in 4th place in the 1 lap along with Neve Wright in the standing triple jump. In the 2+2 Kirsten and Neve came 3rd.