Team Kennet Road Running League 2022



1st Mitch Poustie

2nd Simon Gale

3rd George Westall


1st= Bart Kuijten

1st= Simon Hockaday

3rd Richard Dunbabin


1st Andy Colling

2nd Casey Warwick

3rd Emiliano Espinar


1st Cheryl Angell

2nd Petra Kubesova

3rd Katie Reynolds


1st Amber Stiles

2nd Charlotte Bailey

3rd Emerald Hill-Sawyer

Road Running League

Team Kennet Road Running Series 2020/21

Mens division 1

1st          BEN SCHIFFER-HARTE               46

2nd        NOAK KEMP                               34

3rd         SIMON GALE                              31

Mens Division 2

1ST         GEORGE WESTALL                     60

2nd        MITCH POUSTIE                         30

3rd         GARETH WILLIAMS                   18

Mens Division 3

1st          RICHARD DUNBABIN               27

2nd        GAVIN McLAUGHAN                20

3rd         SIMON HOCKADAY                  20

Ladies Division 1

1st          CHERYL ANGELL                       65

Ladies Division 2

1st          CLAIRE KEMP                            35

2nd        KATIE REYNOLDS                      20

Road Running Presentation

2019 Road Running leagues were very successful that saw around 60 members take part from 5km to Marathon Distance, Ben Schiffer-Harte took a hattrick of League Division wins to win the top Flight League, while in Division 2 it was a very close affair with top 6 all gunning for the 3 awards, in Division 3 new member George Westall got 3 late runs in to move up to equal 2nd with Paul but as Paul did 4 races he claimed the runner up spot. In the Ladies Cheryl Angell made sure she was going to win from the set and she achieved all race disciplines in the first half of the year, keeping it in the family Daughter Kira tackled the first 3 disciplines to just win League 2

Mens Division 1

1st           Ben Schiffer-Harte                          64

2nd          Simon Gale                                       53

3rd          Bradley Thomas                              37

Mens Division 2

1st           Mark Little                                        46

2nd          Noah Kemp                                       42

3rd          Kim Darcy-Masters                         41

Mens Division 3

1st           Mitch Poustie                                   56

2nd          Paul Kemp                                         39

3rd          George Westall                                39

Ladies Division 1

1st           Cheryl Angell                                    79

2nd          Helen Preedy                                    57

3rd          Emily Faulkner                                 30

Ladies Division 2

1st           Kira Angell                                         31

2nd          Rachel Bladon                                  30

3rd           Emily Tucker                                     15

Park Run Challenge

Team Kennet Park run Challenge saw nearly 60 runners turnout in October, 4 weekends of park running saw on average 35 club runners each week try to get their best percentage age time.

A small Presentation was held on the Monday after the last run weekend, with one of the Newbury Park Run Directors Dave Smith presenting the awards to the top 3 in each category.

Noah Kemp 74.64
Toby Clark 73.96
Jacob Woods 73.38
Harry Strutt 73.24
Jacob Avery 72.29
Chris Treacher 71.17
Emiliano Espinar 70.02
Oliver Lloyd 69.94
Ethan Kuijten 69.34
Gareth Williams 69.12
Nick Bull 68.45
Luke Wild 68.03
Dave Smith 67.46
Noah Lauder-Clarke 66.50
Simon Hockaday 66.46
Charlie Todd 65.63
Kim D Arcy Masters 65.32
Mark Little 65.07
Ben Schiffer-Harte 64.84
Daniel Wright 64.16
Kian D Arcy Masters 63.97
Jack Strutt 63.84
Matthew Howard 63.21
Tom Hall 62.03
Mitchell Poustie 60.14
Paul Kemp 60.06
Lucas Hart 59.85
Ed Hall 59.55
Thomas Matthews 59.23
Roger Davis 58.65
Bart Kuijten 58.43
Rueben Kuijten 57.16
Chris Hall 56.38
Henry Morgan 54.45
William Vrolijk 53.87
Alastair Tucker 52.86
Daniel Smyth 50.48
Leo Bull 50.17
Simon Gale 47.16
Glen Davis 45.90

Kirsten Fraser 81.20
Alanna Smith 75.84
Annabel Todd 74.75
Anna Hall 74.13
Rose Metalli 72.33
Kirsty Bennet 70.64
Helen Preedy 70.08
Emily Tucker 68.74
Eve Brown 66.22
Caitlin Nowell 64.83
Maddi Baker 59.37
Lelia Gale 57.01
Beth Clark 55.74
Cheryl Angell 53.43
Vicki Bradford 53.15
Imogen Cowell 50.75
Florence Waite 49.02