Junior Club Championships 2018

Club Championships 2018

A big thank you to everyone who helped out with this whether in the kitchen, on reception, processing the results or as an official. Without your help we could not run this event.

Medal Winners

Medals U9 Boys

Best Boy Sprints  William Sideso 10.0
Best Boy Jump  Aaron Carter 1.51
Best Boy Run  Harry Strutt 1.22
Best Boy Throw  Joseph Plumpton 27.02
Overall Winner  Joseph Plumpton 181
Runner Up  Harry Strutt 179
Third Place  William Sideso 175

Medals U9 Girls

Best Girl Sprints  Isabella Meir/Emma Long/Hannah Bosley 11.3
Best Girl Jump  Lily Morgan 1.50
Best Girl Run  Emma Long 1.31
Best Girl Throw  Hannah Bosley 12.10
Overall Winner  Emma Long 129
Runner Up  Lily Morgan 126
Third Place  Imogen Cowell 125

Full U9 Results

Medals U11 Boys

Best Boy Sprints  Ivan Checkmazov 11.0
Best Boy Jump  James Fenner 3.42
Best Boy Run  Ivan Checkmazov 1.56.1
Best Boy Throw  James Fenner 38.10
Overall Winner  James Fenner 235
Runner Up  Jack Strutt 220
Third Place  Ivan Checkmazov 214

Medals U11 Girls

Best Girl Sprints  Zoe Allan 11.1
Best Girl Jump  Neve Wright 3.71
Best Girl Run  Zoe Allan 1.58.0
Best Girl Throw  Clare McGonnell 28.97
Overall Winner  Zoe Allan 238
Runner Up  Clare McGonnell 233
Third Place  Neve Wright 226

Full U11 Results

Medals U13 Boys

Best Boy Sprints  George Mackie 14.9
Best Boy Jump  George Mackie 4.03
Best Boy Run  Noah Kemp 2.39
Best Boy Throw  Digby Rigall 33.65
Overall Winner  George Mackie 247
Runner Up  Digby Rigall 241
Third Place  Thomas Woodrow 208

Medals U13 Girls

Best Girl Sprints  Aimee Dickson 14.2
Best Girl Jump  Annabel Todd 3.85
Best Girl Run  Annabel Todd 2.28
Best Girl Throw  Kirsten Fraser 26.88
Overall Winner  Annabel Todd 265
Runner Up  Kirsten Fraser 231
Third Place  Eve Brown 187

Full U13 Results

Under 15+


Event Age Winner
Javelin U15B Ben East
Javelin U17M Tom Hills
Javelin U17W Phoebe Hoaen
Shot U15B Oliver Gregory
Shot U15G
Shot U17M Oliver Bazin
Shot U17W Lottie Curle
Long Jump U15B Oliver Gregory
Long Jump U15G Ella Ward
Long Jump U17M Tom Hills
Long Jump U17W Anna Montegue
100m U15B Ethan Haines/Oliver Gregory
100m U15G Izzy Kerslake/Lucy Bennet
100m U17M Oliver Bazin
100m U17W Anna Montegue
200m U15B Ethan Haines
200m U15G Lucy Bennet
200m U17M Oliver Bazin
200m U17W Anna Montegue
100m U17W Anna Montegue
800m U15B Oliver Gregory
800m U15G Lottie Curle
800m U17M Tom Hills
800m U17W Anna Montegue


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