Junior Club Championships 2015

Club Championships 2015

A big thank you to everyone who helped out with this whether in the kitchen, on reception, processing the results or as an official. Without your help we could not run this event.

Medal Winners

Medals U9 Boys

Best Boy Sprints Finley Plumpton 8.3
Best Boy Jump Connor Joyce 1.75
Best Boy Run Connor Joyce 1:19
Best Boy Throw James Newman 21.71
Overall Winner Connor Joyce 199
Runner Up James Newman 195
Third Place Finley Plumpton 192

Medals U9 Girls

Best Girl Sprints Catherine Jones 8.7
Best Girl Jump Annabel MacLean 1.65
Best Girl Run Ava Elverson 1:26
Best Girl Throw Andrea Davison-Soler 18.33
Overall Winner Catherine Jones 178
Runner Up Andrea Davison-Soler 174
Third Place Annabel MacLean 172

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Medals U11 Boys

Best Boy Sprints Matthew Jones 11.2
Best Boy Jump Kian Hockaday 3.73
Best Boy Run Kian Hockaday 1.59
Best Boy Throw Harry Davis 31.04
Overall Winner Kian Hockaday 237
Runner Up Harry Davis 235
Third Place Jake Murray 221

Medals U11 Girls

Best Girl Sprints Abigail Sneddon 11.9
Best Girl Jump Abigail Sneddon 3.16
Best Girl Run Aimee Dickson 2.07
Best Girl Throw Daisy Craik 22.01
Overall Winner Aimee Dickson 185
Runner Up Abigail Sneddon 182
Third Place Molly Leach 176

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Medals U13 Boys

Best Boy Sprints Cameron Dunbar 14.3
Best Boy Jump Jack Cannons 4.14
Best Boy Run Toby Thomas 2.37
Best Boy Throw Harry Booker 45.96
Overall Winner Harry Booker 285
Runner Up Jack Cannons 268
Third Place Cameron Langley 252

Medals U13 Girls

Best Girl Sprints Millie Quaintance 14.8
Best Girl Jump Cameron McCulloch 3.43
Best Girl Run Phoebe Hoaen 2.48
Best Girl Throw Phoebe Hoaen 36.34
Overall Winner Phoebe Hoaen 238
Runner Up Millie Quaintance 234
Third Place Lucy Draper 205

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Medals U15/17 Boys

Best Boy Sprints Stuart Bladon 13.7
Best Boy Jump Ryan Cannons 4.59
Best Boy Run Stuart Bladon 2.16
Best Boy Throw James McLaughlin
Overall Winner Stuart Bladon 270
Runner Up James McLaughlin 264
Third Place Ryan Cannons 234

Medals U15/17 Girls

Best Girl Sprints Kira Angell 13.4
Best Girl Jump Holly Donohoe* 3.93
Best Girl Run Holly Donohoe 2.32
Best Girl Throw Zoe Forte 38.18
Overall Winner Holly Donohoe 214
Runner Up Kira Angell 201
Third Place Zoe Forte 194

* Best Jump awarded on higher points total across 2 age groups

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