Green Park Challenge

New Team Kennet members, Henry and Elliot Bell took part in the 2021 Green Park Challenge came 3rd and 4th in the U10 category (28th and 31st out of 421 runners). Congratulations to both boys.

Spartan Race Kids World Championships

Team Kennet athlete, Josh Ladds (10), has qualified for the Spartan Race Kids World Championships in Abu Dhabi in his first year of competitive obstacle course racing.

Spartan race is an off-road running race in which competitors have to complete 20+ obstacles on the way to the finish line including rope climbs, cargo net crawls, 6 foot walls, heavy sandbag and bucket carries, monkey bars and more. It is one of the only events that integrates running and cross-functional strength which tests both your mental and physical endurance.

Josh and his sister Isla (9), also a Team Kennet athlete, have been doing obstacle course racing since they were 4 years old, travelling up and down the country with their team The OCR Juniors – a squad of promising young athletes who are hoping to take on kids around the world in one of the fastest growing sports. The sport is governed in the UK by UKOSF who are working with FISO, the World governing body, to get OCR to the Olympics!

Both kids took part in the final race of the UK and Ireland National Series at the Glanusk estate in Wales over half-term. Josh secured his place at the Kids World Championship event by placing 2nd in the competitive race which sees runners aged 10-14 from around the country race head to head over 2.5 miles. Isla, who races in the 7-9 year old age group, was first girl over the line and 2nd overall in both the Saturday and Sunday championship races. Isla is hoping to follow in her brother’s footsteps and qualify for the World Championship race next year when she is old enough to take part in the competitive series.

Mad Mile

Team Kennet held its Annual Night of the Mad Miles now in its 18th year  on a warm summer evening, with superb conditions saw some great times in the 4 races.

First Race to take part was the u9/u11 female race, the winner who lead from the start was Anna Hall who clocked a very impressive 6min 23secs to put her 4th in the overall top 50 leaderboard, Ella Cronk came across the line to take runners up place in 6.51 and third place going to Bella Meir with a time of 7.03, all these girls are under 11, in 4th place was the first under 9 girl Ella McDonald clocking a fantastic 7.06

The Second race saw u9/u11 males, Aiden Fleming led again from the start but had to push in the last 600m to make sure he won the race in 6.12 which puts him 6th in the Top 50 rankings of the event, Oscar Larkin gave it a good go to keep with the leader clocking 6.20 and Luca Meir just pipped Noah Lauder-Clarke to take third place both clocking 6.34, the first under 9 across the line was Malik Gaye in 6.48

Race 3 saw the females from ages u13 up to vets, Emma Davies led again from the start and pushed herself to win in great time of 5.40mins putting her 8th in the leaderboard top 50, Alanna Smith came home in 2nd place 6.01 followed by Claire McGonnell 6.02 all being under 15s.

Amber Stiles was the first under 13 home in 6.22, while in the Senior race it was Club Coach Martine Stiles first home in 6.33mins, followed by Claire Kemp and Emily Copeman

Race 4 which was same as race 3 but males saw a brilliant run under 5 mins from Bradley Thomas clocking 4.54 with Jonjo Stiles taking runners up place 5.37 and Bart Kuijten third place 5.39 the latter two being club veterans.

In the younger race  it was Rory Barclay-Watt (u13)who actually came home in second but won the under 15 age group with 2nd fastest time in the leader board with 5 mins 11 seconds which would actually rank him in top in the UK,  2nd place went to Ethan Kuijten 5.44 and William McDonald taking 3rd place 6.36

Most improved athlete award went to Penelope Lyth (u11) who was over 1 minute faster than last years time

Winter Challange

Winter Sportshall Challenge

This is suitable for every member in the club, and Parents


Shuttle Run (over a 5 metre straight)

Standing Long Jump

Target Throw

Speed Bounce (30 seconds)

Vertical Jump


Please follow guidelines and submit your scores to me ( by 30th January, you can have as many goes as you want, once results submitted that will be your scores. Some photo/video evidence is required.

Age Groupings

U9s – school years 2 and 3

U11s – school years 4 and 5

U13s school years 6 and 7

U15s school years 8 and 9

16 – 19 years school years 10,11,12,13

20 years  plus

Parents who are not members of the club


Awards will be Winners and Runners Up in each age group, male or female subject to entries

Winter Endurance Challenge


place two cones or objects (2m wide) either end of a 10 metre straight, run up and down each 10m straight between the two objects making sure your one foot is over the invisible line between the two objects at each end (could use talc or flour to make a line).

Each straight you run down counts as 1, for example if you run the 3 minute trial  and you ran up and down 58 times this is a score of 58

The challenge is based over 4 weeks, you have 7 days to record a run and must be submitted to me by email ( every Friday. Week 1 starts from now.

At the end of 4 weeks, best 3 out of 4 runs will count towards your overall score.

Don’t worry if you don’t do all 4, as its best 3

Awards will be given out to all age group Winners and Runners Up (subject to entries on R-ups)

Age Groups

U9s – school year 2 and 3

U11s – school year 4 and 5

U13s – school year 6 and 7

U15s – school year 8 and 9

16- 19 school years 10,11,12 and 13

Seniors 20 plus

What you have to Run

Under 9s – timed at 3 minutes

Under 11s – timed at 5 minutes

Under 13s – timed at 6 minutes

Under 15 – timed at 8 minutes

16-19 school years – timed at 10 minutes

Seniors 20 plus – timed at 10 minutes

Team Kennet end of year Presentation

Team Kennet Athletics  held its end of the year presentation at the Club House at Crookham Common Athletics Track last night as members of the club signed in to train within their own bubble groups.

The club were honored to announce TWO new Life time Members to the club as Cheryl Angell and Colin Price were awarded their achievements by club Chairman Nick Bull, both Coaches have racked up 1000 Coaching Sessions in the club and produced so much Volunteering  in many other ways.

Athlete of the Season went to Ben East for his massive throw of 73 metres in the Javelin.

Other major awards went to Bart Kuijten winning the Terry Baker award for best active Volunteer in the club, and the New Club Award the Canning most Valued Club Official in Memory of David Canning who sadly passed away this year who was one of the original founder members of the club went to Cheryl Angell who competed and officiated this year at some of the events that took part.

The Club Volunteer of the Year went to Kate Booker for all her work on Reception helping the club athletes sign in and car park patrol as well as a club covid support person during the clubs sessions.

The Chairman’s award went to Luke Angell for his Coaching in his Athletes and achieving two athletes at UK Number 1, Luke also qualified as a Club Level 2 Coach in Lockdown

Wednesday night back at TK

Hi All,

Hope this finds you well,

We have been slowly bringing the club back over several months in guidance with England Athletics and Government Guide lines.

Now we can Announce some very exciting news that we are bringing everyone back to Wednesday night training as from September 2nd at the Crookham Common Athletics Track, this will be to Christmas as we will not be allowed back in doors till after.

Please can you read the attachments with your Child(s) so that everyone fully understands what we would like from you all for a safe return.

School years 2 -5 are u9s and u11s

School years 6+ are u13 upwards (if any school year 6s fill they want to do u9/u11 groups need to let us know on the night)

Primary School Children once signed in you will be put in your bubble groups along the home straight with your coaches

Secondary School Children once you are signed in you are to make your way round to the back of the high Jump Area on the all weather for a Briefing on events.

ALL Children will be asked to Sanitise their hands at reception this is supplied by the club

As you read through this things are going to be very different to the normal training but we have worked very hard to get to this.

As the winter comes in please make sure that your Child(s) has suitable clothing, better to take of layers than be freezing.

We all look forward to seeing you all from September 2nd




Vice President

Virtual Club Championships

Team Kennet Athletes took part in a Virtual Club Championships Lock down Challenge in their Gardens, local park or even in the road during mid June.

There were seven events for athletes to tackle, Standing Long Jump, Standing Triple Jump, 10m x 10m sprint, Toilet Roll High Jump, Chest Push, Speed Bounce and Overhead behind throw.

Highest age group to declare results were under 11s, Event winners Amber Stiles and Harry Fenner scored well throughout, Amber bouncing 80 times in 30 seconds in Speed Bounce, while Harry best was his Overhead behind throw of 13.60m, William Mcdonald  controlled the jumps by winning these 1.95 in long and 5.56 in triple and even jumping 7 toilet rolls high.

Under 13s saw another good entry Zoe Allen winning the girls with a 2.14 long jump and 6.70 triple jump best of her events, Bethany MaClean bouncing a very impressive 90 speed bounces in 30 seconds, James Fenners 8 toilet roll jumps was his best.

Under 9 age group Isla ladds would of won whole age group, very impressive throwing and another good speed bounce of 70 in 30 seconds boys winner was Luke Stiles with his overhead Behind Throw 7.18 his best event

The Seniors saw Martine Stiles win the females another good speed bounce of 83 in 90 seconds and Steve MaClean winning the male section wit ha huge 20.29 Overhead behind throw. Hayley Steward lept 9 Toilet Rolls on her best event and clocking 27.2 in the 10x10m finishing runner up in the females, male runner up went to Jonjo Stiles his best event 10 x 10m 26.8

Only two girls took part in the under 15s Annabel MaClean came out on top over Aimee Dickson, Maclean jumping 2.14 in standing long jump and bounding 86 speed bounces, Aimee best was Chest push throwing 9.80m

Team Kennet Virtual Club Championship Results

Under 9 Girls
1st Isla Ladds 20
2nd Millie Davies 13
3rd Ella McDonald 10

Under 9 Boys
1st Luke Stiles 21
2nd Ned Sturmey 11
3rd Josh Kuijten 11

Under 11 Girls
1st Amber Stiles 33
2nd Ella Cronk 23
3rd Holly Lockett 23

Under 11 Boys
1st Harry Fenner 50
2nd William McDonald 44
3rd Austin Ambrose 44

Under 13 Girls
1st Zoe Allen 26
2nd Clare McGonnell 21
3rd Bethany MaClean 16

Under 13 Boys
1st James Fenner 26
2nd Connor Jordan 18
3rd Oliver Lloyd 15

Under 15 Girls
1st Annabel MaClean 11
2nd Aimee Dickson 10

Senior Athletes Female
1st Martine Stiles 10
2nd Hayley Steward 9

Senior Athletes Male
1st Steve MacLean 11
2nd Jonjo Stiles 9