Member Services

Listed Below are selection of services offered to Team Kennet members at a discount. Please check with the service provider for any conditions relating to the discount.

Service Provider Discount Details
Chiropractor Martine Stiles free spine checks and discounted visits
Chiropractic Newbury Chiropractic Centre 15% discount Details 01635 48088
Trophies and Engraving South-Down 10% discount Details
Clothing GAZKAZ 10% discount Details
Sports Massage Jeremy Waite 10% discount Offer Details
Physiotherapy The Physiotherapy Clinic 10% (on production of membership card) Details
01635 569600
Physiotherapy Lynsey Summers (Touch Physio) Details
Triathlon Wear MOTI 10% Details
Sports Clothing and Footwear Start Fitness

If you can provide a discounted service to Team Kennet members, please contact a committee member.