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Inter Counties U15/U17

Team Kennet had more success with another four athletes representing their county Berkshire at the weekend in the Inter Counties match at Horspath in Oxford.

Most Successful was Seb Simpson in the under 17 age group, he won the Hammer with a throw of 55.27, and finished 2nd in the Shot with a new club record of 13.55.

Also in the same age group in the girls, Clare McGonnell took part in the Javelin coming 5th with a throw of 32.24.

In the under 15 age group Kenechi Akosa came 4th in the 200m final with 23.91 and finally Turkay Altuntas took part in two throws, best being the Discus throwing 32.83 for 4th place and then in the Shot with a 10.48 for 7th place.

Oxford League Match 3

Team Kennet were in action in the final Oxford Junior Athletics League of the Season at Tilsley Park in Abingdon.

Kenechi Akosa in the under 15 Boys smashed his own personal best in the 300m by setting a new League record and club record and ranking him in the UK top 20, with 37.3, he was just beaten in his 200m earlier in 24.0, but team mate James Simmons won the B string in 26.3, Simmons took part in the 100m coming 6th in 12.9.

Two third places came in the long Jump Simmons 5.08 and will McDonald, Akosa decided to have a go at the shot and threw a massive 10.39 to win the A string and Turkay Altuntas also threw over 10m to win the B string in 10.11, Altuntas then came 2nd in the Discus 31.33, and McDonald won the B string with 17.92, both teamed up in the Javelin with McDonald throwing 31.71 was only good enough for 4th place, and Altuntas came 3rd in the B string.

The under 13 Boys lost their match by just 4 points, a double win came in the Javelin Noah Lauder-Clarke 32.11 and Ben Daley 23.08, The discus saw another double win with new comer Berkay Altuntas throwing 21.52 and Rueben Kuijten 18.61, I the Shot Altuntas had to settle for 2nd place 6.72 and Kuijten winning the B string 6.68, in the long Jump Josh Ladds came 3rd with 3.87 and Lauder-Clarke matched the placing 3.38, on the track Harry Smith tackled the 1500m to come home in 5.26.4 for 3rd place, in the shorter 800m both boys Oskar Larkin 2.46 and Lauder-Clark 3.22 were both 5th in their strings.

In the sprints Daley ran 15.4 for 5th and Josh Brian 15.0 4th place in the 100m, and in the 200m Ladds 31.6 6th and Brian 31.6 4th placed.

Caden Thomas took part in the u17 age group in the 100m 12.7 for 7th and 200m 5th place in 26.0, Isaac Mitcham ran in the 1500m for 2nd place in 4.35.7.

The Under 13 Girls saw a double wins the 800m Emerald Hill Sawyer clocking 2.35.7 and Ella Cronk 2.49.6, both teamed up in the high Jump with Hill Sawyer taking part in the her first competition in the high jump, stole the show with 1.35 to win overall, Ella Cronk made sure she won her B string with 1.20, Both again teamed up in the Long Jump, Hill Sawyer couldn’t do the hattrick of A wins had to settle for 2nd place 3.85, Cronk made sure she got a hattrick of wins in the B with 3.72. Anna Hall took part in the 3 throws Shot coming 3rd 5.30, Discus 4th 12.67 and her favored event the Javelin coming 2nd 17.75.

The under 17 women had a good day to come 3rd in their match Mia Wright cleared 1.53 in the high Jump to win, Clare McGonnell won her Javelin 31.07, and Annabel Maclean won her discus 25.46. In the Shot Maclean came 2nd 8.58 and Wright won the B string 7.23, The Long Jump McGonnell came 3rd 4.30 and Wright matched this in the B string 3.59. On the Track McGonnell took part in the 200m to come 2nd in 28.1.

Finally in the under 15 girls, Bethany Maclean won the Javelin in 22.55, in the high Jump Leilah Gaye came 3rd with 1.45 and Charlotte Bailey won the B string 1.30. The Long Jump Emelia Lunn lept 4.17 for 3rd place and Sophie Moores 5th placed in the B string.

On the track Lola Mitcham ran in the 1500m clocking 5.46.8 for 3rd place, in the shorter 800m Bailey clocked 2.34.7 for 3rd place and Chloe O’Riordan came 3rd B 3.05.8. The Sprints saw Lunn take 2nd in the 300m 46.7 and a fantastic race in the B string saw O’Riordan win in 48.6 the shorter 200m Moores had to settle for 6th 30.7 I the A string and Sophie Cooper made a welcome return to finish 2nd B in 30.0, the 100m sprint Moores came 5th 14.3 and Cooper 4th 14.2.

Quad Kids Oxford League Match 3

Team Kennet Quad kids were back out in action in Abingdon on Sunday for the 3rd and final match of the Oxford League.  With a full Squad of 32 athletes, they aimed to not disappoint in the sunshine!

Team Kennet Youngsters secured Team League Champions in under 9 Girls and U11 Girls and also U9 Boys

First up were the U9 boys, with 8 athletes in this group in the sprints 75m Sebastian Lauder-Clarke was quickest for TK with 13.4s closely followed by Gethin Thomas 13.6s and Alexander Cameron and Jacob Williams both clocking 13.7s.  The long jump saw newcomer Toby Hartley leap 2.75m to score the best jump for the U9 TK boys.  In the 600m Thomas was quickest for TK clocking 2:15:8. All boys threw well in the vortex with Thomas shining again throwing 24.17m.  Thomas finished 4th overall on the day for the U9 boys.  Other boys taking part Max Burt, Alexander Browning and Eoin Fussell.  The U9 boys finished 2nd on the day scoring 575 points to secure the league win. 

Also with 8 athletes taking part, the U11 boys group.  In the 75m sprint Malik Gaye was fastest for TK clocking 11.9s followed by Connor O’Riordan, Samuel Atkins and Flynn Sanderson all clocking 12.4s.  It was close in the long jump with Gaye leaping furthest for TK with 3.43m with Gaye, Atkins 3.13m and O’Riordan close behind with 2.96m.    With the heat increasing the 600m heats were going to be tough but Gaye managed a quick time of 1:59:2 to be quickest for TK followed by Atkins 2:02:4.  In the vortex throw Gaye was strong again with a throw of 27.95m, Joshua Kuijten 26m and Josh Bailey 23.89m. Gaye was top scorer for the U11 boys resulting in a 7th place overall on the day.  Also taking part JJ Mercer and Brodie Sanderson.  The U11 boys finished 5th on the day with a combined score of 778 points. 

For the under 9 girls, we had 4 athletes taking part.  Praiya Foreman was quickest for TK in the 75m sprint clocking 12.8s and Matilda Saunders close behind with 13.4s.  Saunders leaped 2.94m in the long jump to record the longest U9 girls jump on the day. Foreman was close behind with 2.56m.  It was close again in the 600m between Foreman and Saunders just Saunders was quickest for TK clocking 2:08:9 breaking the Club record and League record previously broken in the last match by Foreman.  Darcy Scaplehorn threw furthest for TK with 20.31m in the vortex, Foreman 19.44m, Saunders 17.05m and Evelyn Barker 10.06m.  Saunders secured 1st overall on the day and Foreman 2nd overall.  The U9 girls finished 1st on the day scoring a combined score of 478 points. 

Last up the Under 11 girls and it was close in the 75m sprint with Matilda Clare clocking the fastest U11 Girl sprint 11.3s, followed by Ella Larkin 11.8 and Penelope Lyth 11.9s.  In the long jump Isla Ladds leaped furthest for TK with 3.53m, Clare 3.51m and Lyth 3.46m.  The 600m saw some quick times for the girls with Ella Larkin breaking her club record to clock a time of 1:54:9 in the warm temperatures, Clare 2:01:9 and Lyth 2:06:1.  Clare threw furthest for TK 34.69m to record a personal best, Alice Stratford 27.39m and Lyth 25.01m.  Sophia Mahoney, Ella McDonald, Isla Ladds and Ella Larkin all also throwing over 20m.  Also taking part Izzy Fagan, Affra Bailey, Orlagh Stratford, ~Jasmin Hemmings and Matilda Pedersen.  Clare finished 1st over all on the day, Larkin 2nd and Lyth 4th.  The U11 girls finished 1st on the day with a score of 883 to secure the league win and ending the season with a double league win in Oxford and Wessex leagues.

Team Kennett U11 Girls broke the 4x100m record, which they set in the first match of the season, running 63.0. Well done to Ella Larkin, Matilda Clare, Isla Ladds and Penelope Lyth. 

Results –

Quad Kids Oxford League Match 2

Team Kennet had a great turnout for the Quad Kids match with 4 under 9 boys, 4 under 9 girls, 12 under 11 girls, and 8 under 11 boys.  First up for the under 9 girls was the sprints with Praiya Foreman clocking a time of 12.3 to record the fastest under 9 sprint on the day for the girls.  In the long jump Foreman stole the show again for Team Kennet with a leap of 2.44m.  In the Vortex throw Darcey Scaplehorn threw 19m to throw the furthest of the U9 girls and finally Foreman stormed to the finish line with a new Team Kennet Club record of 2:11:7 for her 600m and with her solid performances she secured a 1st place finish on the day overall.  Other girls taking part Isla Cooke and Evelyn Barker.

For the under 9 boys William Moloney was quickest for TK also with a sprint of 12.3s but it was Gethin Thomas with the biggest jump of 2.49m.  In the vortex throw Max Burt threw furthest for TK with 21.7m with Sebastian Lauder-Clarke close behind with 20m. In the 600m it was close between the boys but Moloney finished quickest for TK with 2:17:7. It was Moloney’s debut for the club and finished in the top 3 overall.  Both the under 9 teams managed to secure 1st place overall on the day.    

For the under 11 girls it was close in the sprints with Matilda Clare and Ella Larkin both clocking 11.6s followed by Penelope Lyth and Elizabeth Wilson 11.8s.  In the long jump Clare leaped furthest for TK 3.69m with Lyth 3.60m and Isla Ladds 3.51m.  For the Vortex, Clare maintained her form with 28.05m, Alice Stratford 26.05m and Lyth 25.65m.  Also throwing over 20m was Larkin, Wilson, Ladds and Ella McDonald.  In the 600m it was close for the squad of 12 with Larkin finishing quickest 1:57:8, Quinn Joyce 2:02:3, Clare 2:03:7 and Lyth 2:04:6. On the day overall Clare finished 1st with Lyth finishing 2nd.  Also in the top 5 was Ella Larkin, 4th and Isla Ladds, 5th.   The under 11 girls finished 1st on the day overall. 

At the end of the day Team Kennet Quad kids entered 3 relay teams after proving popular back in April and managed to break the U11 record in the Oxford League with a time of 64.6seconds.  Well done to the team, Clare, Larkin, Ladds and Lyth!

Under 11 boys had some quick times in the 75m sprint with Jenson Nichols clocking 11.7s, Malik Gaye and Connor O’Riordan 11.8s and Samuel Atkins 12s.  In the long jump Gaye leapt furthest for TK with 3.51m, close behind Nichols with 3.43m.  In the vortex Nichols threw furthest with 28.5m again with Gaye close behind 24.64m and Joshua Kuijten 24.2m.  Atkins was quickest in the 600m with 2:00:2, Gaye 2:08:0.  Other boys taking part Brodie Sanderson, Flynn Sanderson and Henry Kaxe.   The team finished 4th overall on the day. 

Oxford league Match 2

Team Kennet were back out in action for the 2nd match of the Oxford League on Sunday at Banbury.  Weather conditions slightly different from last year seeing much cooler temperatures.

In the Under 17 women Neve Wright broke the Team Kennet Club record with 1.63m in the high jump, sister Mia 1.45m in the B String.  In the shot Annabel MacLean came 1st 8.89m and 1st in the discus 25.97m.  Mia Wright was also in action in the U17 women 300m finishing 4th 49.7s and in the 200m Annabel MacLean 1st for the B string 29.5s.  Under 15 girls Bethany MacLean 1st in the javelin 23.26m and Zoe Dickson B string 14.40m finishing 3rd.  Evie Lewis was 2nd in the discus 22.59 and B string Dickson 2nd 17.91m.  Lewis and Dickson also 2nd in the shot.  Leilah Gaye finished 2nd in the high jump 1.40m and in the long jump Sophie Moore was 3rd 4.26m and Emelia Lunn, B string 4.17m to take 1st place.  In the 800m Bethany MacLean finished 1st 2:41:4 and Chloe O’Riordan 1st for the B string 3:01:6. The 300m saw Emelia Lunn get 3rd place with 47.7 and B string O’Riordan 1st with 48s.  Bethany MacLean was back out for the 200m finishing 4th with 28.9s.  In the 100m Lunn finished 7th with 14.6s and Moore taking 2nd place B String with 13.9. 

In the under 13s Ella Cronk took 3rd place in the high jump 1.15m and Elenana Wilkinson 1st place B string 1.05m.  Cronk finished 5th in the long jump 3.23m and Wilkinson 4th for the B string 2.67m.  Wilkinson was out for the 1500m finishing 4th with 6.37.5.  In the 800m Cronk claimed 1st place with 2:43:3. 

For the boys, in the under 13s Josh Brian came 5th in the 100m 14.6 and Lestyn Thomas 6th B String 16.6.  Both boys back out again for the 200m with Brian 30.6s and Thomas for the B string 35.8s.  In the 800m Noah Lauder-Clare finished 5th 2:51:2 and B string Oskar Larkin finished 3rd 2:44:6.  Harry Smith came 3rd in the 1500m clocking 5:25:6 and B string William Devall 1st 5:33.2.  In the 4x100m relay Brian, Ladds, Lauder Clarke and Larkin finished 3rd with 60.9s.  Josh Ladd’s finished 5th in the Long jump 3.73m and Luke Stiles 4th in the high jump 1.20m, Oskar Larkin 3rd for the B string with 1.15m.   Rueben Kuijten finished 1st in the shot 6.65m and Ladds 1st for the B string 6.51m.  Kuijten also finished 1st in the discus 19.69m and Lauder-Clarke 2nd for the B string 11.98m.  In the Javelin Lauder-Clarke was 1st with 32.44m and Ladd’s 1st B string 24.69m. 

Under 15 boys James Simmons finished 6th in the 100m 12.7s and in the 200m Kenechi Akosa finished 1st with 23.3, Simmons 1st in the B string 26s.  Akosa was back out for the 300m breaking the club record finishing 1st 38.4s.  In the long jump Simmons was 2nd with 4.85m and Will McDonalds 3.92 for the B string.  McDonald came 1st in the discus 16.71m and 2nd in the javelin 30.82m. 

Euan Avery was non-scoring on the day competing in the 100m 12.1s and 200m 23.7 for the U20M. Also NS was Liam Neil in the 1500m 5:48:2.

Quad Kids Wessex League Match 4

Team Kennet Quad kids went into the final match of the Wessex League at Swindon with their eyes on a top 3 finish and didn’t disappoint. 

Team Kennet 1599

Bournemouth 1602

Swindon 1636

Marlborough 893

Salisbury 1014

Abingdon 1118

Oxford City 1472

With the torrential rain coming down, The U11 Boys went out first on the day with 8 taking part in a very wet Vortex throw.  Some superb throws with Jenson Nichols throwing a huge 30.77m and Malik Gaye close behind with 27.30m.  Gaye stole the show in the long jump with a leap of 3.46m, with Nichols close behind him with 3.38m and Flynn Sanderson and Samuel Atkins both leaping 3.10m.    In the sprints, Nichols was quickest clocking 12s closely followed by Gaye with 12.2s and Samuel Atkins 12.5s.  In the 600m Atkins was quickest clocking 1:59 and Gaye 1:59:6. Other boys taking part Brodie Sanderson, Miles Phoenix, Henry Kaxe, Cedric Roberson.  On the day, the boys finished 4th place with 799points.

After more downpours causing a delay, first up for the girls was the long jump with Matilda Clare leaping the furthest with 3.59m followed by Penelope Lyth 3.28m.  Isla Ladds, Ella McDonald and Alice Stratford all jumping over 3m. Next up the 75m sprints Clare sprinted to the finish line in 11.7s with Orlagh Stratford close behind with 11.9s. The sun shone down for the 600m and it was a strong event for the U11 girls with Clare clocking 1:59:2, Lyth 2:06:9 and Elizabeth Wilson 2:07:3.  Finally in the Vortex Clare threw furthest with 31.18m, A Stratford 26.92m.  Other girls taking part in the Squad of 10 Evie Kearney, Maisie McCurtin and newcomer Sophia Mahoney.  The girls team finishing first on the day with 800 points.

Congratulations to Under 11 Girls winning their age group and winning the Girls Quad kids League out of 26 teams.  Not only this combined with the u11 boys they scored 1599 points to come third today but secured enough points to finish 3rd overall in the Quadkids League out of 26 teams.  Matilda Clare has been crowned u11 girls quad kids champion in Wessex YA League with 241pts.  Clare is our 2nd girl to win Wessex Quad kids individual and this will be the 2nd time girls have won u11 girls quad kids league. 

Photo: Julia Hoaen
Photo: Julia Hoaen

Wessex League Match 4

Team Kennet were in action in their last Wessex YA League match of the season at Swindon on Sunday, in a tough match with two teams battling it out for the League title and another one place above the West Berkshire Yellow/Blue Vests it was going to be a great match, end of the day Team Kennet Juniors had to settle for fourth place, there were some outstanding performances.

The under 15 girls has a slight change finishing in the top 3 overall, if they won on the day but had to settle for third place in a very tight match, good points came in the field Eliska Simpson coming 2nd in the discus 23.40, which was matched by team mate Evie Lewis 19.44, in the Shot Simpson won the B string 7.04, a welcome return from Bethany MaClean came third A string 23.12 in gusty winds.

The long Jump saw Emelia Lunn leap 4.55 for 3rd place while her team mate Sophie Moores came 2nd B 4.21, the High Jump another athlete making a return was Amber Stiles clearing 1.36 this was only good enough for 4th place.

On the track New Comer Isla Clare ran a great 1500m having to settle for 2nd place but in a quick 5.16.9, the shorter 800m races Maclean came 2nd in 2.33 with Ellie Ross taking 5th. Lunn ran a seasons best in the 300m to come 2nd place and Ross straight after her 800m came home in 3rd place.

The sprints were fast straight in to a head win Moores came 3rd in the A string 14.4 and Ava Brade coming 2nd B 14.3, the 200m Moores came 5th 29.7 and Maclean 3rd B 29.3, Zoe Dickson best event was her Javelin coming 4th b string.

The Relay quartet of Maclean, Moores, Lunn and Brade ran a excellent race just to lose in the last 40m clocking 56.6 for 3rd place.

The Under 17 men had a good turn out, Ivan Moditha had a good high jump to finish 2nd with 1.60, Joe Hoaen matched this in the Discus with a 25.03 throw, but had to settle for 3rd in the Javelin and the Shot. Oliver Carroll had to settle for 4th places in the 400m and 800m, I the Sprints Caden Thomas came 5th in the 100m 13.3, and in the 200m 5th  25.3 A strings and in the 200m B string Moditha clocked 25.9 for 4th place.

The four teamed up in the 4 x 100m to come 4th in 52.8

The under 13 Boys also had a big squad a Double win came in the Javelin with Noah Lauder-Clark 31.27 and Josh Ladds 24.47, Josh Ladds came 2nd in the Shot 6.36 and Lauder-Clark won the B string 6.07.

Luke Stiles came 5th in the high Jump 1.15 and in the long Jump Josh Brian came  3rd 3.77 and Euan Jones 4th B 3.08 on the Track William Devall made his debut in the 1500m coming home in 2nd place wit h 5.23.3, Jones ran in the 800m coming 3rd 2.53 which was matched by Lauder-Clark 2.45, In the sprints  points were hard Brian coming 4th A in the 100m 15.1 and 5th in the 200m 31.5, Lestyn Thomas took to the B strings in the 100m 4th and 200m 5th. Ladds took part in the 75m Hurdles coming 3rd in 15.9 and the Relay team of Brian, Thomas, Jones and Ladds came 4th.

The under 13 girls saw only 5 club athletes turn out, Emerald Hill-Sawyer was on form again as she dominated her 800m race to win in 2.34.3, she also took part in her usual 100m and 200m races coming 3rd in both 14.4 and 29.4.

Ella Cronk came 2nd in her A string high jump with 1.25 and matched the 2nd in the B string 800m 2.47 and coming 4th in the long Jump 3.58.

Jessie McCurtin came 2nd in her high Jump 1.15 and 3rd in the Long Jump 3.28, Mabel Robinson made her debut for the club in the 1500m  B string coming a fine 3rd place and 5th in the 200m.

Amelia Ross was the clubs only under 17 women due to holiday commitments, she came 5th in all her events 100m 16.8  the 200m 34.1 and Long Jump 3.13.

The under 15 Boys saw another Debutant Kenechi Akosa, who reached the English Schools, he clocked a fast 200m 24.3  for 2nd place and in the 100m 12.1 for 3rd place, James Simmons took part in the B strings finishing 2nd in the 100m 13.1 and 2nd in the 200m 26.4, Aiden Hunter 5th and Will McDonald took part in the 800m races coming 5th and 4th in their strings. Simmons 4.63 3rd A and McDonald 3.85  3rd B in their long jump Strings and McDonald had to settle for 5th in the Javelin 27.94.

Photo: Julia Hoaen
Photo: Julia Hoaen
Photo: Julia Hoaen

Andover Triathlon

Team Kennet had many athletes participate at the Andover Triathlon at the weekend.  A great event for first timers and experienced triathletes alike. Triathlon is set in the Hampshire countryside of Test Valley.

There were 12 seniors from Team Kennet racing – dominating the top 10 with a 4th, 5th, 6th, and 9th position. George Andrew Westall had the fastest bike split of the day, 4th place overall and 3rd in Age Group 20-39, Mel McKernan 19th. Simon Whatson 2nd fastest run split, 5th overall and 1st in AG 40-49. Bart Kuijten 2nd in AG 40-49, 4th fastest run and 6th overall, Colin Abraham 10th and Sean Bird 13th.  Neil Atherton 9th overall and 2nd in AG 50-59, Philip Cowhig 6th and Emiliano Espinar 9th.   Richard Dunbabin 1st in AG 60-69; Chris Treacher 3rd,  Dean Makar 7th

In the juniors, Charlotte Bailey finished 5th in the girl’s category TS3 and 14th overall.  Siblings Ella and Oskar made their debut with Ella finishing 1st in the TS1 category and Oskar realised he had a puncture halfway through his cycle but pushed through and came in as No 11 in the TS2 category.  Ben Daley finished in 18th in the TS2 category and The Kuijten brothers Josh 17th TS1 , Reuben 16th TS2 and Ethan 1st TS3.  Frank Edwards competing in the TS3 finished in 16th

School Internationals

Team Kennets Seb Simpson (Kennet School) represented England at the Schools Internationals Home Nation Championships over the weekend in Grangemouth, Scotland.

Seb threw a new personal best throw of 56.96m to claim a Bronze award in the competition and to put him in fourth place in the UK rankings.