Volunteer Coaches and Helpers

All “volunteers” working within Team Kennet work to high standards and adopt recognised best practice where possible. In addition to their own standards of practice, “volunteers” are expected to adopt Team Kennet’s policies

Any helper wishing to take a formal coaching qualification will have their course fees reimbursed by the club. This will be done in 2 parts with 50% being refunded after completing 20 coaching sessions and the remaining 50% after a further 20 sessions. Please download the coaching record which should be complete to claim your refunds.

Any New Volunteers please fill in the Club Self DBS  Club-Forms-Self-Declaration-and-Disclosure-Volunteer 2023 (please scan and email the form to Cheryl and bring ID and home itemised Bill to training for Cheryl to check) welfare@teamkennet.com.

Please click here to find a course!

For a full list of coaching staff click here

Volunteer Recognition Awards

The Club recognises the commitment and contribution made by its “volunteers” to the smooth running and development of the Club through awards for:

  • Volunteer of the year
  • Service awards
      • 100 sessions – Bronze
        • James Moorcroft
        • Lee Jones
        • Jenny Eaton
        • Rachel Roue
        • Janet Walter
        • Emma Hartley
        • Nikita Angell
        • Simon Scholes
        • Nancy Newton
        • Linda McCulloch
        • Chris Szala
        • Sonya Donohoe
        • Chris Collins
        • Steve Pennicott
        • Anna Riggall
        • Ruth Jones
        • Simon Gale
        • Nikki Absolom
        • Emily Copeman
        • Emma Daley
        • Sarah Dickson
        • Martine Stiles
        • Matthew Scaplehorn
        • Tina Hill
      • 200 sessions – Silver
        • Vicki Bradford
        • Scott Nicholls
        • Mary Allan
        • Ron Stephenson
        • George Anstie
        • Gavin McLaughlin
        • Ian Osler
        • Rachel Bladon
        • Deborah Montgomery
        • Andy Russell
        • Sarah Wells
        • Lynn D’Arcy-Masters
        • David Johnston
        • Chris Hall
        • Bart Kuijten
        • Steve MaClean
        • Kate Booker
      • 400 sessions – Gold
        • Robin Morris
        • Dennis Tucker
        • Helen Shilton
        • Ian Killner
        • Glen Davis
      • 600 sessions – Platinum
        • Mark Shepherd
        • Averil Hewitt
        • Luke Angell
        • Simon Hockaday
        • Jennie Drake
      • 800 sessions – Pearl
        • Elaine Knape
      • 1000 sessions – Diamond (Life Membership)
        • Cheryl Angell
        • Colin Price
      • 1250 sessions – Double Diamond
        • Stan Chambers
      • 1500 sessions – Triple Diamond
      • 1750 sessions – Sapphire
      • 2000 sessions – Double Sapphire
        • Nick Bull
      • 2500 sessions  – Tanzanite
      • 3000 sessions  – Emerald
      • 3500 sessions –  Ruby
      • 4000 sessions – Jadeite
      • 5000 sessions – Pink Star Diamond
    • Honorary Life Memberships
      • Reg Allum
      • Jessica Harrison
      • Dougie Cook
      • Helen Preedy
      • Chris Treacher
      • Cheryl Angell
      • Colin Price
      • Nick Bull
      • Dennis Hubbard
      • Stan Chambers
    • Vice Presidents
      • Nick Bull
      • Dennis Hubbard
      • Stan Chambers
      • Scott Nicholls
    • Ambassador
      • Jessica Harrison

    Helen Shilton has produced an excellent Helpers and Level 1 Coaching Guide which can be found online here.

    Any volunteers wanting to take a formal Coaching or Officials course should contact the Officials Secretary.

    Coaches Awards

    Vice Presidents

    To be elected, and open to all Members of the club who have served for ten or more years and/or who have given exemplary service to the Club.

    Life Vice Presidents

    To be regarded as an exceptional honour. May be awarded to Vice Presidents who have given the Club many years of distinguished service.

    Life Members

    To be awarded for outstanding performances or exemplary service as athletes which is defined as: 

    • Selection for Olympic Games  Representation

    • World T & F Championship (Senior)

    • World CC Championship (Senior)

    • World Road Running Championship (Senior)

    • Individual Winner (Individual Gold) of any Masters World Championship/UK Championship or Home Nations Championships

    • or as a volunteer (coach/official) having done over 1000 sessions


    The club always needs more qualified officials and coaches. Full details of officials courses can be found on the England Athletics website by clicking here. The club will reimburse the course fees.

    Claims can be made by any volunteer to cover travel expenses to an event where they attended for the sole purpose of volunteering for the club. Volunteers include, but shall not be limited to, team captain and/or team manager, officials and official helpers, and recognised TK photographers. Volunteers cannot claim travel expenses if they were attending with their competing children, or if they were already attending the match as a competing athlete.

    The allowance, per trip will be £15 maximum, regardless of the distance travelled.  Expense claims for travel expenses to Team Kennet Track & Field events must be submitted before 31st December of the same year. Late claims will be rejected unless extenuating circumstances.

    Officials/Team Managers who can claim for fuel expenses are also entitled to any car park fees paid that day. If a volunteer incurs a car park fine, payment will be subject to committee approval.