QUADKIDS Wessex Match 2

Team Kennet Quadkids stole the show on Sunday in Match 2 at Aldershot finishing on top.

Team Kennet 1632

Waverley 1567

Isle of Wight. 1522

Fleet 1440

Camberley. 1142

Southampton 1100

The U11 Boys went out first on the day with 7 taking part.  In the long jump Samuel Atkins, Jenson Nicholes and Leo Jenkins all jumping over 3m with 3.16m. 3.18m and 3.19m respectively making it a close competition for the TK boys.    In the sprints, Malik Gaye was quickest clocking 11.65 closely followed by newcomer Nicholes with 11.66s and Atkins 11.93s.  In the vortex Nicholes threw furthest with 31.99m, Gaye just behind with 26.03m.  All boys ran well in the 600m considering the heat on the day, but Gaye stole the show clocking 2:00:9 to be quickest out of the TK boys.  Other boys taking part Henry Kaxe, Josh Bailey, and newcomer Harry Davey.  On the day, the boys finished 4th place with 801 points. Newcomer Jenson Nicholes finishing 5th 217 pts in the individual results.

First up for the girls was the long jump with Matilda Clare leaping the furthest with 3.78m followed by Penelope Lyth and Ella Larkin both with 3.37m and Ella McDonald 3.15m.  Next up the 75m sprints with Clare, Lyth and Larkin all clocking times under 12s, Orlagh Stratford was close clocking 12.06s. Ella Larkin led the way with the 600m clocking 2:01:2 with just under 3 seconds between Clare, McDonald and Lyth.  Finally in the Vortex Clare threw furthest with 26.51m, Alice Stratford 23.40m and again close between Larkin, McDonald and Lyth all throwing over 20m.  Other girls taking part in the Squad of 10 Maisie McCurtain, Jasmine Hemmings, Izzy Fagan and Gracie Cooke.  The girls team finishing first on the day with 831 points with Tilly Clare 1st 231pts and remains unbeaten, Ella Larkin 3rd 217 pts and Penelope Lyth 200pts 5th.  After two matches the girl are currently top of the league out of 26 teams.