Wessex YA League report

Team Kennet got back to winning ways in the second round of the Wessex Young Athletes League held at Andover on Sunday that saw some outstanding track and field performances from the clubs athletes.

The final match score was

1             Team Kennet                     440

2             Wimborne                          414

3             Southampton City            246

4             Andover/Overton             217

5             Camberley                          195

6             Dorchester                         96

The most outstanding performance of the day was from under 13 boy William McDonald who threw a massive 37.98 in to win the Javelin and go straight in at UK Number 1.

The under 15 Girls  got back to their age winning ways again as they won their age group on target to retaining their own age group title, Claire McGonnell 12.9 and Zoe Allen 13.5 got the girls underway with a superb Double win in the 75m hurdles, and at same time another Double win came in the High Jump from Twin Sisters Neve Wright 1.40 and Mia Wright 1.35, Allen later went on to win her Shot 10.18 and M. Wright taking 3rd B String, McGonnell made it another win in the Javelin with a 31.71m throw. The long Jump N. Wright came 3rd A string 4.13 and Octavia Thomas winning the B string. Leilah Gaye came 4th in the 800m 2.53.

In the sprints Thomas came 3rd in the 100m A string 14.0, while in the B string Ava Brade was 2nd 13.9, Thomas came 4th A in the 200m 29.1 and Sophie Moores took a B string win 28.7, the longer sprint 300m Allen came home in 2nd place and Debutee Isla Carpenter came in 1st B string.

The Relay Team of Moore, Brade, Allen and Thomas were 3rd 56.4

The under 17 men won their age group as well, A double win came in the Shot Seb Simpson 11.21 and Brandon Carter 8.02, Simpson won his Discus 35.95, in the Javelin Carter had to settle for 2nd place A string 41.57 and Simpson won his B string. Euan Avery won his High Jump with 1.65, Isaac Mitcham was rewarded with a good personnel best in his 1500m 4.44.7 and had to settle for 2nd A string by just point one of  second, Mitcham went one better to win his 400m in 62.0, the 100m Avery came 2nd with 12.0.

The under 13 boys were 2nd in their match, Aiden Fleming won his 800m in a very tactical race, with Reuben Kuijten taking 2nd B string. The Longer 1500m Noah Lauder-Clarke was 4thA string and Frank Edwards taking 2nd B string. Earlier in the day both Ben Daley and Josh Ladds came 2nd in their strings of the 75m hurdles. Daley and Kuijten both came 2nd in the Shot, The Discus Daley came 3rd A string and Will Mcdonald 2nd B string. Lauder-Clarke won his B string Javelin 25.56

The under 13 girls also were 2nd in their match, Emerald Hill-Sawyer had a superb day, she won her 100m in 15.0 and had to settle for 2nd place in 200m 30.6, which she matched in the 800m 2.46, on the field it was the throws that got 100% of the points, Eliska Simpson winning her Shot and Discus 21.23, Zoe Dickson won her B string Shot and discus 18.17 and in the Javelin Anna Hall threw 19.21 for a good win and Dickson making it a hattrick of B wins 16.96. Ella Cronk came 2nd in her High Jump wit ha new p.b. of 1.20 and in the long jump strings both Cronk 3.64 and Hall were 3rd places. Back on the track Anna Hall had her 2nd win of the day in a well timed 1200m race clocking 4.31.2 and Lola Mitcham taking 2nd place in the B string, Cronk came 2nd in her 800m B string 2.54.08 another p.b. and Olivia Rayfield came 5th B and 3rd B in her 100 and 200m races.

The under 17 women came 2nd in their age group a great double win came in the Javelin Alanna Smith 33.09 and Eve Brown 25.94, Charlotte Absolom won her Discus 22.38 and also winning the Shot 9.42 and Carly Chisholm coming 2nd in the long jump. The 800m Brown came home in 3rd place 2.33.9 and Smith winning the B string 2.43.7. the 100m Chisholm came 4th A string 14.1 and Absolom 2nd in the B string 14.1 as well, the longer 300m event Brown came 4th A and Smith 3rd B string and two teamed up with Chisolm and Absolom to come 2nd in the 4x100m relay.

The under 15 Boys were 3rd on the day In their age group Ivan Checkmozov took full control in his 800m race to come home as winner in 2.17.3, in the longer 1500m event Elliot Murphy was 3rd A string 4.55.2 and Ethan Kuijten 1st B string 4.58 both boys getting best times.

James Simmons was 2nd A string in his Long Jump 4.21, Another win came in the High Jump from Jacob Avery 1.55. The Throws brought in good points Joseph Hoaen and Kuijten both 2ndin their string s in the Shot, Hoaen was 3rd in his Discus and taking 2nd in his Javelin. The Sprints Avery came 4th A 13.0 and James Simmons 3rdB 13.6, Both Simmons 28.2 and Murphy 30.9 came 3rd in their strings of the 200m.

Harry Brooker took part as a u20 he broke the clubs Discus record throwing 39.26m also as a u20 Arthur Lane clocked 57.2  in his first 400m race, an hour earlier clocking 2.13 in the 800m

On all it was a fantastic day for the club with so many personnel best performances and back to winning ways again.