Winter Challange

Winter Sportshall Challenge

This is suitable for every member in the club, and Parents


Shuttle Run (over a 5 metre straight)

Standing Long Jump

Target Throw

Speed Bounce (30 seconds)

Vertical Jump


Please follow guidelines and submit your scores to me ( by 30th January, you can have as many goes as you want, once results submitted that will be your scores. Some photo/video evidence is required.

Age Groupings

U9s – school years 2 and 3

U11s – school years 4 and 5

U13s school years 6 and 7

U15s school years 8 and 9

16 – 19 years school years 10,11,12,13

20 years  plus

Parents who are not members of the club


Awards will be Winners and Runners Up in each age group, male or female subject to entries

Winter Endurance Challenge


place two cones or objects (2m wide) either end of a 10 metre straight, run up and down each 10m straight between the two objects making sure your one foot is over the invisible line between the two objects at each end (could use talc or flour to make a line).

Each straight you run down counts as 1, for example if you run the 3 minute trial  and you ran up and down 58 times this is a score of 58

The challenge is based over 4 weeks, you have 7 days to record a run and must be submitted to me by email ( every Friday. Week 1 starts from now.

At the end of 4 weeks, best 3 out of 4 runs will count towards your overall score.

Don’t worry if you don’t do all 4, as its best 3

Awards will be given out to all age group Winners and Runners Up (subject to entries on R-ups)

Age Groups

U9s – school year 2 and 3

U11s – school year 4 and 5

U13s – school year 6 and 7

U15s – school year 8 and 9

16- 19 school years 10,11,12 and 13

Seniors 20 plus

What you have to Run

Under 9s – timed at 3 minutes

Under 11s – timed at 5 minutes

Under 13s – timed at 6 minutes

Under 15 – timed at 8 minutes

16-19 school years – timed at 10 minutes

Seniors 20 plus – timed at 10 minutes