Wessex Quadkids

Team Kennet Quadkids secured top spot in the Wessex young athletes league on Sunday at Basingstoke

Team Kennet     1642
Salisbury              1476
Basingstoke        1459
Waverley            1425
Isle of wight        1339
Fleet                     1236

In a tough match the girls won with ease, Claire Mcgonnell winning the girls section out right winning the Vortex  throw with 29.62, running the 600m in 2.06, her leap in the long jump of 3.42 and a 75m sprint of 12.1. Zoe Allen took 2nd place overall, usually the clubs highest scorer,  she clocked the fastest 75m sprint on the day 11.5, jumping 3.41 in the long jump, throwing the vortex 26.05 and running fastest 600m on the day 2.01, Octavia Thomas came 4th overall, sprinting a fast 12.1 in the 75m, but she lept 3.59 to win the long jump outright making it all four events and match score Yellow and blue. Tilly Sideso made sure she got in the action as she came 5th overall with all scoring girls in top 5, she clocked a fast 11.6 in the 75m, 2.05 in  the 600m. Others Neve Wright, Bethany Maclean, Tillie Bell, Lila Gale, Millie Phillips, Eloise Ross.

The boys came 2nd in their match, Will Harris coming 2nd overall setting one of the fastest 75m sprints on the day 11.6 and 2nd longest vortex throw of 38m, rest of the boys packed well, Jacob Avery clocking 11.8 in the sprint, Eddie Rushmer-Wilson 2.01 in the longer distance, other boys  Brendon Pennicott, Jack Pyke, Charlie Todd, William Appleby, Findlay Mount, Jayden Mansfield.