Oxford League Quadkids

In the Oxford League Quadkids for the under 9s and 11s at Oxford, Team Kennet’s Under 11 Boys and Girls teams both finished in 1st place. The boys scoring 816 points and the girls 710.

Individually, Harry Fenner  was 2nd Under 9 boy overall on 157 points with Hannah Bosley (76) and Georgie Ryan (58) 4th and 5th in the Under 9 girls. Theo Campbell was 2nd overall Under 11 boy on 227 points with Ollie Tozer 4th on 210with James Fenner 206 and Henry Waters 173 the other point scorers for the team.Zoe Allen was also 2nd overall in the Under 11 girls on 205 points with Clare McGonnell 3rd on 194 points. Bethany MacLean (159) and Emma Davies (152) were the other point scorers.

For the Under 11 boys, Theo was fastest (3rd overall) over 75m in 12.1 with Ollie 12.2 and James 12.7. Over 600m Ollie 2.02.7 (2nd overall) just pipped Henry 2.08.9 with Jonathon Patrionis 2.10.2. The long jump saw Theo 3.67 (2nd overall), Ollie 3.42 and James 3.20 jump furthest and in the Vortex James was the overall winner with 35.20 with Theo (overall 2nd) 31.47 and Ollie 22.58.

For the girls, Zoe 11.9 was 2nd fastest overall with Clare 12.6 and Emma 12.7 in the 75m. In the 600m Zoe was 3rd overall in 2.05.4 with Bethany 2.14.5 and Clare 2.15.3 while in the long jump Zoe 3.24, Clare 3.22 and Emma 2.85 jumped furthest and in the vortex Clare 26.46 was another overall winner with Zoe 23.20 and Bethany 23.00 not far behind in 2nd and 3rd overall.

In the Under 9s, Harry’s vortex throw of 23.50 was just the overall winner with his 75m time of 13.2 equal 1st.