TK Triathlon Series

The list of races for the TK Triathlon Series 2019 is below. Thanks for all the feedback. To the best of my knowledge, none of these races is full yet – except IronMan Wales. Some will fill up more quickly than others – usually the longer distance races.

12/05 Immortal Half Stourhead Middle / Half Ironman (lake) Immortal Sport £160
19/05 Beale Beastie Sprint (lake) TVT £50
27/05 (Bank holiday Monday) Westonbirt Sprint (pool) DB Max Events £53
21/07 Andover Tri Sprint (pool) Andover Triathlon Club £tbc
11/08 Cotswolds Lake 62 Standard Triathlon Standard (lake) LPS Events £52
26/08 Oxford Sprint Tri (held near Abingdon) Sprint (pool) Oxford Tri Club £tbc
14/09 The Vitruvian Middle / Half Ironman (lake) Pacesetter Events £140
15/09 IronMan Wales Long / Ironman (sea) Ironman £430


Bonus Race:

06/07 Bishop’s Castle Tandem Triathlon Standard (pool) Tandem Triathlon Org £60


TK Club Championship race will be the Andover Triathlon.

TK Series Championship score will be based on your points scored in up to four races (if you compete in more than four races, your four best point scores will be taken).

TK Series Sprint Trophy score will be based on your points scored in up to three races (if you compete in more than three sprint races, your three best point scores will be taken).

Bonus race: Tandem Triathlon. A few people have asked me to add this race, so why not? I am not sure how it will fit into the TK Series points-wise, but if it gets competitive I will work something out. It may be more of a social race than a points-scoring race.

Do let me know if you have any questions about how the TK Series works.


It’s been a difficult set of choices this year, with a lot of races scheduled on the same or consecutive weekends. And strangely there were no races of significant interest (i.e. more than one person) in the whole of June. I’ve avoided scheduling two races of the same distance on consecutive weekends, with the exception of Beale Beastie and Westonbirt, as the latter race had quite a few people interested and it’s not a race we’ve done before. Also it gives the choice of a pool vs a lake swim early in the season. There’s only one Standard/Olympic as there was more demand for the other distances. There are two Middle / Half Ironman races due to demand. There’s one Long / Ironman as several people have already booked that race.

Other thoughts: social / beginners event:

A few people have suggested we have a TK Triathlon social event before the season starts, and perhaps make it oriented towards welcoming any beginners to the world of triathlon. I’ll look into setting something up. Let me know if you are interested, and if you have any ideas.

Happy resting / training during these dark cold winter days.

Best Regards