Primary Schools Cross Country 2012

West Berkshire & North Hants Primary Schools

Cross Country Championships 2012

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XC Trophy Winners 

Overall Schools Trophy

1st Falkland 317
2nd Thorngrove 404
3rd St. Nicholas 474
4th Spurcroft 522
5th Hungerford 617


Year 3 / 4 girls


1st Beth Mayer Hungerford 
2nd Elizabeth Hutton St. Gabriels 
3rd Phoebe Hoaen Chieveley 


1st St. Gabriels 19
2nd Thorngrove 38
3rd Chieveley 50
4th Curridge 63
5th St. Finians 70


Year 3 / 4 boys


1st Matthew Gaskell Falkland 
2nd Charlie Wiggett Falkland 
3rd Rhari Behan Chieveley 


1st Falkland 11
2nd St. Nicolas 29
3rd (on Countback) Kingsclere 40
4th Thorngrove 40
5th Spurcroft 67


Year 5 / 6 girls


1st Charlotte Bradley  Robert Sandilands 
2nd Amelia McKay John Rankin 
3rd Alice McGommell St. Gabriels 


1st St. Gabriels 32
2nd Thorngrove 56
3rd John Rankin 62
4th Robert Sandilands 86
5th Falkland


Year 5 / 6 boys


1st Sammy Hart Speenhamland 
2nd James McLaughlin Hampstead Norreys 
3rd Ed Fry Woolton Hill 


1st Falkland 52
2nd Woolton Hill 90
3rd St. Finians 112
4th Speenhamland 147
5th St. Nicholas 147

Small Schools Trophy
1st  Hampstead Norreys
2nd  Woolhampton
3rd Englefield

Most Improved School

 John Rankin
Hampshire Schools Overall
1st Thorngrove
2nd Kingsclere
3rd Woolton Hill

B Team Trophy
1st Thorngrove

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