Regional Sportshall

Berkshire Team

Four Team Kennet athletes took part in the U13/U15 regional sportshall finals at Burgess Hill against 6 other counties.

Danielle Newton and Zoe Forte took part in the U15 girls team that came 5th overall with Zoe coming 11th individually and Danielle 37th. Zoe came 6th in both the 4 Lap race (54.9s) and Shot (8.99m) and 11th in the Standing Long Jump (2.15m) whilst Danielle came 9th equal in the Speed Bounce (79) which was impressive as she suffered an asthma attack following the previous event, the 4 Lap race (1m 3s). Danielle also competed in the Standing Long Jump (1.90m). Both girls were part of the 4×2 Lap relay team that came 5th in a tight race.

Stuart Bladon took part in the U13 boys team that came 4th overall with Stuart individually coming 3rd in the 6 Lap race (1m 24.3s) and 9th in the Standing Triple Jump (6.38m) and also completed in the 8 lap paarlauf.

Mia Eldridge took part in the U13 girls team that came 3rd overall (just missing 2nd place in the last race) with Mia individually coming 2nd in the Shot with a new PB (10.40m) and also competed in the 4×1 and 4×2 relays coming 3rd in both relays.

Sportshall League Match 3

In the final match of the Sportshall league, the Under 11 boys came 2nd on the day to finish in 2nd overall. The under 11 girls were 2nd on the day and 3rd overall. The Under 13 boys finished 4th overall despite 6th place on the day while the girls were 4th on the day and overall. The Under 15 girlls held on to 2nd place with 2nd on the day.

For the Under 11 girls, Verity Szala and Sophie Wheadon finished 1st and 2nd in the soft javelin and Daisy Tolhurst won the speed bounce. Clara Jones was 2nd in the vertical jump while Verity was 2nd in the balance test and Isabel Stevens 3rd in the Long Jump. Best track performance was 3rd in the Grand Prix.

The under 11 boys saw Harry Booker and Oliver Gregory 2nd and 3rd in the Soft Javelin and Ben East 2nd in the Speed Bounce and 3rd in the seated throw On the track they picked up 4th in Grand Prix and 2 by 3 Lap.

Under 13 girls saw Mia Eldridge win the Shot with Phoebe Hoaen 2nd in the seated throw. Mia and Freya Owen were 2nd and 3rd in the Speed bounce and on the track they were 2nd in the grand prix.

Under 13 Boys saw Stuart Bladon 2nd in the seated throw and equal 3rd with Cameron Langley in the Speed bounce. The track saw a 2nd place in the Grand Prix and 3rd in both the 4 by 1 Lap and 2 by 3 Lap races.

For the Under 15 girls, Kiah-Jay Stevens and Danielle Newton came 1st and 2nd in the speed bounce while Zoe Forte was 2nd in the Shot and long jump and 3rd in the triple jump. She also won the 1 lap on the track and the girls were 2nd in the 2 by 3 laps and the grand prix.

James Hills, our only under 15 boy was joint winner of the seated throw.

Inter County Sportshall

Five Team Kennet athletes were selected for the Berkshire team in the regional Sportshall Fun in Athletics competition at Burgess Hill on 11th January. The Boys team finished in 2nd place only 3 points behind the winners Kent and the girls finished 3rd.

Individually, Ben East and Harry Booker were in the 4 by 1 Lap relay team which finished 4th and Harry was in the Over and Relay relay where Berkshire came 8th.

In the field events, Ben was 3rd in the Chest Push and 10th in the speed bounce, Oliver Gregory was 5th in the Javelin and 13th in the balance test while Harry was 7th in the long jump and part of the 3rd placed high stepper team.

For the girls, Verity Szala was 5th in the balance test and 9th in the target throw while Clara Jones was 11th in the Vertical jump and in the 4th placed Hi-stepper team. On the track, Clara was in the 2nd placed Grand Prix relay team.