Sportshall U11 Championships

Eleven Juniors went to Eton on Sunday to compete in the Berkshire U11 Sportshall Championships. Our girls came home celebrating winning Silver medals, with a host of outstanding performances.

Our highest placed individuals for the girls were Katie Pennicott in 2nd place in the Speedbounce with 53 jumps. Lyla Goodwin 2nd in the Long Jump with 1.98m, closely followed by Grace Wotherspoon in 3rd with 1.93m. Harriet Gibson took 3rd in the target throw with 6 points and Kirsten Fraser 4th in the Triple Jump with 5.50m.

As a team Katie, Grace, Catherine Jones and Neve Wright came 2nd in the 4×1 lap relay. The final event saw Lyla, Katie, Kirsten and Harriet charge through the Grand Prix, winning their heat and taking 2nd overall.

The 2 older U11 Boys (who only joined Team Kennet in October!) were superb in their individual events with Andrew Barker securing 2nd in the Foam Javellin with 16.75m and Ben Fisher taking 2nd with 50 jumps in the speedbounce. Our younger U11’s James Fenner and William Appleby completed the team and showed massive potential, ready to challenge for top spot next year.

The next event is the U13 & U15 Berkshire Championships on January 14th 2018

See Team Kennet’s facebook group for a number of photos from the event

Sportshall League Match 2

Sportshall League Match 2 – 19th November 2017

Sunday was the Juniors second Sportshall League Match of the season at Eton.

The U15 Boys, with a small team of Harry Booker, Oliver Gregory and Oliver Bazin came 6th on the day and are currently 6th in the league. The best individual results were Harry Winning the Chest Push with 6.75m and Oliver G coming 2nd in the balance test with 45seconds. The U15 girls were represented by the lone Phoebe Hoaen, who placed 3rd in the hi-stepper with a time of 13.1sec.

The U13 Boys, had their best result from Oliver Humphrey, coming 4th in the 1 lap Obstacle. With his team mate of Harry Davis the team were again limited in available events and came 11th on the day. They are currently 11th in the league.

The U13 Girls had a full team this match of Aimee Dickson, Annabel Gibson, Ella Ward and Charlie Pennicott. They placed 7th on the day and are currently 11th in the league. Aimee took 1st place in the balance beam with the maximum score of 60sec.

The U11 boys are quickly getting to grips with sportshall and came 10th on the day, currently standing 8th in the league. The team consisted of Theo Campbell, William Appleby, James Fenner, Joseph Hoaen and Ben Fisher.

The U11 girls were again our highest placing team on the day, coming 2nd. They are currently 3rd in the league. Lyla Goodwin, Grace Wotherspoon, Harriet Gibson, Kirsten Fraser, Katie Pennicott and Neve Wright are making an impact. We had 2nd place from Grace in Chest Push with 5.75m and Katie in the target throw with 8 points. Next with 3rd place were Neve in the Standing Triple jump with 5.41m and Lyla in the Balance Test with 51seconds. On the track Lyla and Grace came 3rd in the 1+1 Lap.

The next event is the U11 Championships on the 10th December.

Berkshire Sportshall League Match 1

Team Kennet had their first Sportshall League Match of the season on Sunday at Eton. With 282 athletes, 19 from Team Kennet, it was a busy afternoon. The U15 and U13 teams were short on athletes so couldn’t compete in all events, but had some fantastic individual performances.

The U15 boys came 5th, with individual wins from Harry Booker in the Shot and Oliver Bazin in the Chest Push. Harry also came 2nd in the Hi Stepper. Oliver Gregory and Oliver Bazin took 3rd in shot and Standing Long Jump respectively.

The U13 boys had just 2 athletes, coming 11th. U13 Girls, with 3 athletes, came 12th overall. An individual win came from Aimee Dickson in the Speedbounce with Annabel Gibson taking 4th in the Hi stepper.

The U11 boys team were all newcomers to Sportshall competition, but quickly became team mates and jumped straight in, coming 6th overall. Andrew Barker won the foam Javelin and in the 2+2 lap the team of Theo Campbell and James Fenner took 2nd place.

The U11 girls had our best team result of the day, coming 3rd place overall. Highlights include Kirsten Fraser coming 2nd in the standing long jump, closely followed by Lyla Goodwin just 2cm behind in 5th place. Harriet Gibson took 3rd in the Speedbounce, Grace Wotherspoon came in 4th place in the 1 lap along with Neve Wright in the standing triple jump. In the 2+2 Kirsten and Neve came 3rd.

National Sportshall Final 2017

Team Kennet athletes were in action over the weekend representing Berkshire in the UK National Sportshall Championships held in Manchester.

On the Saturday Stuart Bladon was competing in the under 15 age group where Berkshire came out runners up just behind winners Donegal. Stuart came 8th in the standing long jump 2.67 and was 10th in the Speed bounce scoring 82 bounces in 30 seconds. Overall in the individual he was 26th out of some 60 boys.

The best came on Sunday where two of the club’s boys were in the under 13 section. This time Berkshire went one better and came out as Champions, with Avon runners up and Tyne & Wear taking third. Harry Booker was made Berkshire Team Captain on the day which he thrived by coming 2nd and winning a silver medal in the Shot with a massive 12.72 throw. He also picked up another Silver in the Obstacle Relay and was 4th in the 6 lap run. Oliver Gregory just missed out on an individual medal in the shot coming 4th place with a throw of 11.53. In all all three boys came back with a haul of medals first time this has been achieved by Team Kennet athletes


Regional Sportshall

REGIONAL2017Team Kennet had three athletes representing Berkshire in the South East regional sportshall final on Saturday 4th March. Oliver Gregory and Harry Booker took part in the under 13 team with Stuart Bladon in the under 15 team. The competition was intense, hard fought and exciting throughout the afternoon with both teams eventually emerging victorious.

Individual highlights were a gold medal for Harry in the shot with a throw of 12.79m; a bronze for Oliver in the shot and a bronze for Stuart in the standing long jump.

All three now go forward as the largest every Team Kennet contingent to represent Berkshire at the national finals which will take place in Manchester on 22nd and 23rd April.

Earlier in February, Aimee Dickson was in the Berkshire team for the Under 11s regional final where the girls finished in 2nd place.

Inter County Sportshall

CountySportshallTeam Kennet athletes representing Berkshire came back with a haul of medals at the South East Regional Indoor Sportshall finals on Sunday held at Burgess Hill .

James Hills and his Berkshire team mates will head to the National Finals being held at Manchester in April as they stormed to victory in the under 15 boys age group.

The Under 13 boys had two Team Kennet members Ben East and Harry Booker. They came in runners up on the day by only 9 points and just missed out on a trip to the finals.

The Under 11 finals took place the week before and Team Kennet’s Matthew Jones was part of the Berkshire team who also secured runners up spot. Well done to all the selected athletes.

Sportshall League Match 1

Team Kennet were in action in the opening Berkshire Sportshall League match at Eton. Both the under 13 girls and Under 13 boys teams finished in 4th place. The Under 11 girls came 5th with a younger development team in 12th while the boys came 7th.

For the Under 13 boys, Individual wins came from Ben East in the speed bounce and Harry Booker in the Shot while Harry and Tom Hills were joint 2nd in the Hi stepper and Tom came 3rd in Long Jump.

For the girls, wins came from Sophie Weadon in the Chest Push and Isabel Stevens in the Hi Stepper with 2nd place from Maddie Barnes in the Shot and 3rd places from Freya Owen in the Speed bounce and Phoebe Hoaen in the Shot.

For the Under 11 boys, Matthew Jones was 2nd in the 2 Lap individual, the triple jump and speed bounce and also came in joint 4th in the Soft Javelin with team mate Kian Hockaday. For the girls, Amelia Overend and Annabel MacLean came 2nd in the target throw, Annabel Gibson was 3rd in the long jump and the 2 Lap race with Rebecca Gray 4th in the triple jump. On the track, the quartet of Annabel, Amelia, Aimee Dickson and Lucy Colston were 3rd in the Obstacle relay and 4th in the 4 by 2 Lap race.

For the under 15s competeing as individuals, James Hills won the Shot and was 2nd in the long jump while Charlotte Booker came 3rd in the Chest Push with Kira Angell 4th in the Shot.

Regional Sportshall

Berkshire Team

Four Team Kennet athletes took part in the U13/U15 regional sportshall finals at Burgess Hill against 6 other counties.

Danielle Newton and Zoe Forte took part in the U15 girls team that came 5th overall with Zoe coming 11th individually and Danielle 37th. Zoe came 6th in both the 4 Lap race (54.9s) and Shot (8.99m) and 11th in the Standing Long Jump (2.15m) whilst Danielle came 9th equal in the Speed Bounce (79) which was impressive as she suffered an asthma attack following the previous event, the 4 Lap race (1m 3s). Danielle also competed in the Standing Long Jump (1.90m). Both girls were part of the 4×2 Lap relay team that came 5th in a tight race.

Stuart Bladon took part in the U13 boys team that came 4th overall with Stuart individually coming 3rd in the 6 Lap race (1m 24.3s) and 9th in the Standing Triple Jump (6.38m) and also completed in the 8 lap paarlauf.

Mia Eldridge took part in the U13 girls team that came 3rd overall (just missing 2nd place in the last race) with Mia individually coming 2nd in the Shot with a new PB (10.40m) and also competed in the 4×1 and 4×2 relays coming 3rd in both relays.

Sportshall League Match 3

In the final match of the Sportshall league, the Under 11 boys came 2nd on the day to finish in 2nd overall. The under 11 girls were 2nd on the day and 3rd overall. The Under 13 boys finished 4th overall despite 6th place on the day while the girls were 4th on the day and overall. The Under 15 girlls held on to 2nd place with 2nd on the day.

For the Under 11 girls, Verity Szala and Sophie Wheadon finished 1st and 2nd in the soft javelin and Daisy Tolhurst won the speed bounce. Clara Jones was 2nd in the vertical jump while Verity was 2nd in the balance test and Isabel Stevens 3rd in the Long Jump. Best track performance was 3rd in the Grand Prix.

The under 11 boys saw Harry Booker and Oliver Gregory 2nd and 3rd in the Soft Javelin and Ben East 2nd in the Speed Bounce and 3rd in the seated throw On the track they picked up 4th in Grand Prix and 2 by 3 Lap.

Under 13 girls saw Mia Eldridge win the Shot with Phoebe Hoaen 2nd in the seated throw. Mia and Freya Owen were 2nd and 3rd in the Speed bounce and on the track they were 2nd in the grand prix.

Under 13 Boys saw Stuart Bladon 2nd in the seated throw and equal 3rd with Cameron Langley in the Speed bounce. The track saw a 2nd place in the Grand Prix and 3rd in both the 4 by 1 Lap and 2 by 3 Lap races.

For the Under 15 girls, Kiah-Jay Stevens and Danielle Newton came 1st and 2nd in the speed bounce while Zoe Forte was 2nd in the Shot and long jump and 3rd in the triple jump. She also won the 1 lap on the track and the girls were 2nd in the 2 by 3 laps and the grand prix.

James Hills, our only under 15 boy was joint winner of the seated throw.

Inter County Sportshall

Five Team Kennet athletes were selected for the Berkshire team in the regional Sportshall Fun in Athletics competition at Burgess Hill on 11th January. The Boys team finished in 2nd place only 3 points behind the winners Kent and the girls finished 3rd.

Individually, Ben East and Harry Booker were in the 4 by 1 Lap relay team which finished 4th and Harry was in the Over and Relay relay where Berkshire came 8th.

In the field events, Ben was 3rd in the Chest Push and 10th in the speed bounce, Oliver Gregory was 5th in the Javelin and 13th in the balance test while Harry was 7th in the long jump and part of the 3rd placed high stepper team.

For the girls, Verity Szala was 5th in the balance test and 9th in the target throw while Clara Jones was 11th in the Vertical jump and in the 4th placed Hi-stepper team. On the track, Clara was in the 2nd placed Grand Prix relay team.