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Wessex League Quadkids

In the Wessex League Quadkids for the under 11s at Portsmouth, Team Kennet’s girls team finished in 5th place on 690 points.  The boys finished 4th on 668 points.

Individually, Kirsten Fraser came 6th overall on 199 points with Grace Wotherspoon 180, Eve Brown 163 and Katie Pennicott 148 the other scoring girls. For the boys, Ollie Toze 190 was the best scorer in 13th overall. Henry Waters 175, Jack Pyke 156 and Oscar Pasmore 147 made the rest of the points.

Kirsten was the fastest TK sprinter for the girls in 12.1 with Grace 12.2 and Katie 12.8 next. For the boys Ollie in 12.0 was fastest with Henry and Ryansh Arnaud 12.4 next.

Kirsten was overall 2nd girl over 600m  in a club record 1.56.1 with Eve in 2.15.3 while Ollie in 1.59.4 was 4th overall boy. In the long jump Kirsten and Grace both jumped 3.23m with Jack 2.95 for the boys. In the Vortex throw,  Grace with 23.68 was 2nd overall with Ryansh 21.98 the best of the boys.


Wessex League Match 3

Team Kennet gave its all on Sunday in the Wessex young Athletes Track & Field League held at Portsmouth, against the league leaders and reigning champions they had to settle for second place but achieved 33 wins.

Basingstoke                       605
Team Kennet                     507
Portsmouth                        320
Wimborne                          267
Weymouth/Dorchester   139
Poole R                               71

The under 17 men took a convincing win in their age group and gave them a fantastic chance to win their age group league, James McLaughlin scored a double win as he won his 1500m in 4.27.2, then winning the Discus later 28.57, Bradley Thomas took part in the B strings coming 2nd in the 1500m and winning the B Discus 20.38, Zach Montgomery won his Shot with a 10.73 throw, Ben Armstrong made it another win in the High Jump, and two second places in the long jump Tait Weekes 5.52 and Armstrong 5.09, Daniel Hockaday made sure he got a win winning the 400m just under 60 seconds, in the faster sprints  two second places came in the  200m Hockaday 24.1 and Montgomery 25.5, this was matched in the 100m Weekes 11.7 and Montgomery 12.1, the best came in the 4x100m relay as they came home in first place in 48.9 (Armstrong/Hockaday/Montgomery/Weekes.

The under 15 boys came second in their group, the usual first places came in the throws as Ben East threw 49.34, two wins in the Discus Harry Booker 37.23 and Oliver Gregory 27.17, and in the Shot Booker 10.84 and Gregory 10.56. East made it another B string win in the High Jump with 1.45. Oliver Bazin made good jumps in the Long Jump 5.17 for 2nd place with Cameron Langley taking 3rd place, the 300m Bazin came 2nd with 44.3 with Toby Thomas matching the same place 51.5. Cameron Langley had to settle for 3rd place in the 1500m race in a very close finish clocking 5.05.7,while Thomas matched that in the 800m. The sprints saw fast races, Bazin coming 3rd in the 200m 26.5 with Gregory matching this in the B string 26.9.
The Relay Quartet had to settle for third place (Booker/East/Bazin/Gregory) 52.3

The under 15 girls came close to winning their age group, Anna Montagne won her 100m A race 13.3 and Anais Taank 3rd B in 13.8, the longer 200m Montagne came 3rd in 27.9 with Chloe Collins taking 4th B 29.5. Another win came in the 300m as Anna Pettit came away in the last 50m to win 45.7 with team mate Georgina Thomson 4th B 51.9. Lucy Wells made a welcome return running the 800m she had to settle for 2nd place with 2.29.4 and G. Thomson taking a very good second place in the B string 2.45.5. The longer 1500m Pettit took the lead with fellow club athletes to pull away over the last 600m for her second win of the day in 5.11.7 and Molly jones clocking 5.23.1 to win the B string, Rebecca Thomson also non scorer came home in 5.23.0. Montagne came 2nd in the long jump 4.71 in the high jump both TK girls also came 2nd Pettit 1.40 and Ellie Armstrong 1.35.
Armstrong made it one better to win the Shot with 8.30 and Sophie Wheadon won the B string 7.73, Wheadon had to settle for second in the Discus in a close competition throwing 22.71 with Wells stepping in the B string for third place. The relay quartet of Montagne/Collins/Taank & Ellie Kerslake came 2nd in 55.2 with a second separating four clubs.

The under 17 women came 2nd in their match Tanya Yeates winning her sprint Hurdles, and having to settle for second places in here 100 and 200 races. A double win came in the 800m with Izzy Hole timing her race to perfection winning in 2.35.9 and Rosa Lawrence 2.42.3. Lawrence won her 1500m in 5.32.5, in the field events, good double wins came in the Shot with Charlotte booker 7.23 and Dominika Humphrey 6.44, both matching this in the Discus Booker 25.39 and Humphrey 17.05. The relay team came a good second place.

The under 13 girls came 2nd in their match as well, but found the competition tough wit ha delpeted team, Annabel Todd was the only u13 winner, in her favourite Field event the Discus throwing 17.44, the Shot picked up good points Emily Tucker 3rd 5.80 and Lottie Absolom second B string 5.60, although throwing 16.79 Georgina Pasmore had to settle for 4th place and B string Charlie Pennicott 3rd. Annabel Gibson picked up 2nd B string in the sprint hurdles, best placed on the track, best combined points came in the 800m as Todd came 3rd 2.39.4 and Annelise Gale 2.43.8 for 2nd place, the Sprints Lucy Bennet came 3rd in the 100m 14.3 and 3rd in the 200m 29.8

The under 13 boys this match had to settle for 3rd place, with 17 club athletes taking part in this age group, a double win came in the Javelin Kian Hockaday 32.85 and Oliver Ford 29.91, Ford made it another win in the Discus 22.82 and Ollie Absolom coming 2nd B string 15.29, Ford made it three wins out of three in the Shot 9.07 and Colin Sinclair taking 2nd in the B string. Matthew Jones made it another win in the High Jump 1.32. On the track the sprint hurdles Jones came 3rd 16.9 and George Mackie 2nd B string 17.0. William Jones ran a superb 1500m for 3rd place 5.20.8 with Digby Riggall taking 4th place in the B string. Toby Clark 3rd 2.48.8 and Hockaday 2nd 2.46.4 in the 800m races
While in the sprints the boys were both 4th in the 200m Oliver Humphrey 31.2 and Hockaday 31.1, in the 100m Humphrey came 5th 14.8 and Jones 14.7 for 4th place. The relay quartet came home in 3rd place (Hockaday/Jones/Humphrey/Mackie)

Again there were some good non scoring performances from the clubs athletes
U13g 800m Aimee Dickson 2.51.7, Discus Charlie Pennicott 11.57
U13 b 100m Euan Avery 14.9, 200m Ethan Silcox 32.4
U15 g 100m Ellie Kerslake 13.7, Chloe Collins 14.1, 800m Lily D Arcy Mastures 2.40.7
U15b Discus Alex McLaughlin 21.53

SAL Match 3

Team Kennet were in action in the Division 3 SW Southern Athletics League on a scorching day at Swindon.

The Yellow vests came a close third place on the day just behind hosts Swindon with league leaders Bournemouth taking the win and Poole Runners fourth.

There were some great double wins on the day, the Mens Triple Jump Joe Osler 12.55 and Stuart Bladon 11.83 remain unbeaten in the league this season in their string, while on the track a great double from James McLaughlin 2.06 and Ryan Cannons 2.26.2 in the 800m.

The Womens High Jump saw Kira Angell 1.50 and Chloe Spencer 1.45 taking a double win and Kira Angell made it another double as she won the Javelin 27.84 and Deborah Montgomery 23.28 taking the B.

More success came from Alisha Bradford making a welcome return in the B shot 8.29 with Deborah Montgomery taking 2nd A string 8.49, on the track Holly Donohoe was the clubs only female track winner in a superb race she won the 400m in 64.3 with Rosa Lawrence taking 2nd B string. Both Donohoe 29.4 and Spencer 30.4 took 2nd places in the 200m, while in the longer distances Emily Faulkner had to settle for 2nd place leading until the last 100m in the 3000m clocking 11.39.4. Faulkner again took the lead only to lose it in last 100m in the 1500m coming 2nd again 5.30.9, and Georgina Bradford making a welcome return helped the points tick over coming 2nd in both 800 and 1500m B strings. Spencer made it another 2nd place in the 400m hurdles 82.3, while Angell won the shorter Hurdles 19.3.

Charlotte Booker took third place in the Hammer 28.17 which was matched by Cheryl Angell. In the Discus both A. Bradford 28.71 and C. Angell 16.01 took 2nd places.

Both the relay teams came home in third places in the women’s.

The mens track Josh Willock made a welcome return coming 2nd in the 100m 11.6 with Tait Weekes taking 3rd B in the 200m Daniel Hockaday 24.6 and Zach Montgomery 25.6 came 3rd

The 400m saw both under 17s earning personnel bests Stuart Bladon 53.4 coming 3rd and Daniel Hockaday 55.8 2nd B string.

Dean Maker made a welcome return to the track to help B strings in 5000m and 1500m coming 2nd in both while Ben Schiffer-Harte tackled the longer races coming 3rd in the 5000m and winning the B string 2000m Steeplechase 8.46 with Bradley Thomas taking 2nd 8.15.1, back on the field the Javelin picked up the best of the throws with Luke Angell throwing 49.21 2nd place and Steve McLean 28.64 for 3rd B string. Mclean threw 28.85 for 3rd A string in the Discus with Angell 2nd B string 24.90. The Mens Relays teams saw a close affair in the 4x100m with TK coming 3rd 47.7 with less than a second separated all teams while in the under Mens 4x400m it was a under 17 Ryan Cannons, Stuart Bladon, Daniel Hockaday and James McLaughlin coming 2nd 3.57.4 breaking the clubs u17 record.

New Sponsor

Team Kennet made a warm welcome during their club night to welcome new joint sponsors Briars Dental Practice to watch there juniors in training during Wednesday evening which saw nearly 200 club juniors turn up.

All youngsters were presented a sports water bottle and those who compete for the club were given latest training T-Shirt with the new sponsors name on.

Sponsorship funds will go towards club equipment and helping gain new officials and coaches.

Wessex League Quadkids

In the Wessex League Quadkids for the under 11s at Swindon, Team Kennet’s girls team finished in 3rd place on 720 points behind winners Woking on 797 and Madja on 737.  The boys finished 5th on 669 points.

Individually, Kirsten Fraser and Zoe Allan came equal 5th overall on 195 points with Grace Wotherspoon 172 and Katie Pennicott 158 th eother scoring girls. For the boys, Jacob Woods 196 was the best scorer in 11th overall. Edward Mackie 165, Jonathon Patrionis 157 and Oscar Pasmore 151 made the rest of the points.

Zoe was the fastest TK sprinter for the girls in 11.7 (2nd overall) with Alissa Irfan 12.3 and Grace 12.5 next. For the boys Jacob in 11.9 was 3rd overall with Edward 12.9 next.

Kirsten was overall fastest girl over 600m  in 2.00.2 with Zoe in 2.05.0 while Jacob in 2.00.3 was 4th overall boy. In the long jump Kirsten and Grace shared 5th overall with 3.29m with Jacob 3.18 narrowly out jumping Jack Pyke 3.15 for the boys. In the Vortex throw,  Joseph Hoaen 25.05 and Zoe 20.96 threw furthest for the yellow vests.

Wessex League Match 2

Team Kennet secured a brilliant match win at Swindon in the Wessex Young Athletes League, it was the clubs 20th league match win and puts them in 3rd place in the league which saw 90 athletes turn out for the club, winning the under 17 men’s and women’s  and under 13 boys age groups.

Team Kennet                     523
Southampton                    471
Woking                               404
MADJA                                354
Andover/Overton             292
Fleet                                    228

Ben East in the under 15 boys was involved in an amazing Javelin competition, with three boys throwing over 50m, he squeezed out best to win in a new club record and UK number 5, throwing 50.67m.

The under 17 men secured a massive team score to win their match, good points came from the middle distance races as Bradley Thomas won his 1500m, while Ryan Cannons came 2nd A string in the 800m and Ben Armstrong winning the B string. The sprints fared well with some good times, the 100m Tait Weekes 12.0 and Daniel Hockaday 12.1 both finished 3rd places, while in the longer 200m Weekes could only get 5th A string 25.7 and Zach Montgomery 25.0 came 3rd but Hockaday in the Non Scoring clocked 24.5. Stuart Bladon came through the last 50m in the 400m to take a good win 55.2 with Hockaday notching up the B string with 60.0, Bladon made it a win early in the day in the sprint hurdles clocking 15.4 and made sure he made it a hatrick of wins by winning the high jump 1.70 and Armstrong taking the B string 1.40. The long jump Cannons came 2nd with 5.10 and Armstrong made sure he won his B string 4.93. The throws were strong on the day, Firstly in the Discus James Hills threw 31.44 for 2nd place which was matched by Thomas in the B string in placings, again in the Shot two second places came from Hills 10.64 and Montgomery 10.33 and in the Javelin Hills came 4th 30.66 and a B win for Montgomery 27.24. The Relay quartet of Montgomery, Weekes, Bladon and Hockaday were 2nd 50.6.

The under 13 boys were strong on the day and also took a  win, the 800m saw a superb timed run by Jago Prest to come home to win in 2.30.2 and with Toby Clark making his debut on the track secured a good 2nd place 2.43, the longer 1500m Harry Davis came in 5th place but a late step in Digby Riggall won the B string.

In a really high standard high jump Gabriel Warley could only manage 4th place with 1.35 but Matthew Jones took a B string win with 1.25, it was down to the throws again to secure more wins, Oliver Ford won both his Shot 8.90 and Discus 24.75, Colin Sinclair taking 4th in the B shot but a B string win from Ollie Absolom 15.44 saw only a handful of double wins on the day. The Javelin boys made sure they got a double win as Kian Hockaday threw 35.66 and Sinclair 24.63. The Long Jump saw third places from Oliver Humphrey 3.90 and Absolom 3.53, back on the track in the shorter distances Warley came 2nd in the 100m 14.5 best of the sprinters while in the hurdles George Mackie came 2nd B string 16.5. The 4x100m relay team came home in 3rd place.

The under 17 women made it a hatrick of age group wins, starting of on the day Kira Angell 13.9 and Tanya Yeates 16.1 both won their strings of the 80m hurdles, Angell came 2nd in the high jump 1.40, while in the throws  Dominika Humphrey came 4th and Charlotte Booker 2nd B in the Shot, both teamed up in the Discus with Booker 3rd 22.66 and Humphrey 2nd B string and in the Javelin Angell was 4th and Booker winning the B string. On the track the 800m Izzy Hole ran well for a 2nd place and Rosa Lawrence taking a B string win, Lawrence had to settle for 3rd place in the 1500m. The 300m Izzy Hole came 3rd 47.9 and Lawrence 2nd B string, and finally Yeates took the sprints coming 4th in the 200m and 5th in the 100m. The 4x100m relay the team came 4th.

The under 15 girls saw the biggest turn out ever for the club with 16 girls, Anna Montagne tackled the sprints finishing 3rd in the 100m 13.6 and 200m 27.6, Anais Tank came 2nd in the 100m B string 14.2 and Chloe Collins also 2nd in the B string 30.1. The 800m race saw Anna Pettit take a easy win in 2.30.1 and Rebecca Thomson taking the B string 2.40.6, Bethan Philp was 3rd A string in the 1500m 5.18.5 and Georgina Thomson winning the B string 5.21.8. The 300m Pettit came 2nd in a very close race clocking 45.1 and G. Thomson 4th B 49.7, on the field events Montagne came 2nd in the long jump 4.42 wit hR. Thomson standing in last minute for 4th B string, in another very high competitive High Jump, Pettit cleared 1.40 for 4th place and Ellie Armstrong came  2nd B string 1.35, Armstrong went one better to win the Shot outright 8.84 with Chloe Collins taking 3rd in the B string 6.58. The Javelin Phoebe Hoaen had to settle for second place 31.30 but Sophie Wheadon took the B string 22.93, both teamed up in the Discus Wheadon 2nd A string 21.90 and Hoaen taking a win in the B string 21.56, the relay quartet of Montagne, Collins, Eleanor Kerslake and Tank came a close 2nd 56.6

The under 13 girls came 2nd in their match, new comer Annabel Todd made a great debut for the club coming 2nd in the 800m A string2.45.6 with team mate Annalise Gale winning the B string 2.48.6, in the longer 1200m Emily tucker came 3rd 4.15.4 and Tara Hogan winning the B string 4.21.9, in the sprints points were tough, but good runs from Annabel Gibson, Charlie Pennicott , Aimee Dickson kept the points rolling in. Todd lept 3.79 in the long jump for 5th place, both Emily Tucker and Isla Facey finished 3rd in the Shot, Todd came 3rd in the Discus and Charlie Pennicott coming 2nd B string, the javelin Tucker came 3rd and Dickson 2nd B string. The 4x400m relay team came home in 4th place.

Finally the under 15 boys were 3rd on the day, Jack Cannons coming 3rd in the long jump 4.74 and Tom Hills taking 2nd B string 4.69, it was the throws that bagged the big points, Shot Harry booker and Oliver Gregory took a Double win 10.60 and 10.46, the Discus Booker threw 33.08 for a win and Gregory 24.92 for second place. In the shorter distances best of the TK athletes came in the 200m Tom Hills 26.9 for only 6th A string and Oliver Gregory 26.8 for 3rd B string. The Relay team of Gregory, Hills, Booker and Cannons came home in 2nd place 52.0

On the day the club had loads of non scorers, some to highlight are:

U13 girls 200m Lucy Bennet 31.1
U13 girls 100m Lucy Bennet 15.2
U13 boys 200m Kian Kockaday 31.1, George Mackie 31.7,
U15 girls Discus Poppy Bladon 17.05
U13 boys 100m Matt Jones 14.9
U15 girls 100m Eleanor Kerslake 14.7
U13 boys Javelin Digby Riggall 19.61

Triathlon Trials

Awesome performance from Team Kennet Junior Triathletes at the British trials for European Youth Elite Championships at the Blenheim triathlon today. James Mclaughlin and Sam Hart were competing. Sam swam well coming out with the main lead group, just behind the 2 leading athletes. After the bike they had reduced their lead with only the foot race over a hilly 2,500m to go. With the top 6 going to the Europeans it was a fast paced run as they started up the final hill back towards the palace Sam managed to get into 4th place breaking clear of the rest of the group. This he held to the end securing his first elite GB selection for the upcoming championships in Lithuania. James also had a good race in this highly competitive field coming 30th overall.

Team Kennet u11 Girls took part in the Henley Kids Triathlon and were successful as a team on the day with some 300 youngsters taking part.

SAL Match 2

Team Kennet struggled in their second match of the Southern Athletics League with injuries and exams for younger team members but those who turned up made up with some superb performances down on a very sunny Ashdown Track in Poole, which fell on a Sunday for this match.

1 Team Dorset 223
2 City of Salisbury 189
3 Havant AC 168
4 Team Kennet 117

Host Club Team Dorset took full control to win the match, a welcome return from the States Alex Hanson made sure he had a hatrick of wins, Firstly in the 800m he took a convincing win in 1.58.8 by over 50m, next up was the 3000m, playing with the field he adventually broke cleat on last lap to take his second win of the day in 9.11.6 and some 45minutes later went on to make it thre out of three in the 1500m clocking 4.09.8. Team mate Ben Schiffer-Harte teamed up in all three events with Hanson coming 3rd in the 800m/1500m and second in the 3000m.

Another welcome return was Peter Saunders, he won a two A strings first the long jump with 6.01 and later the Triple Jump 12.51, he was well backed up by Joe Osler in the B string leaping to 5.71 for a win and again another B string win came from Stuart Bladon 11.89,

Luke Angell won his Javelin with a 50m throw, while in the High Jump Joe Osler cleared 1.80 for 2nd place which was matched by Bladon in the B string 1.75.

Saunders secured another second in the A Shot with 8.48 and B Javelin 33.29, Luke Angell securing a third in the Discus 27.54, back on the Track in the shorter distanced, the 400m both Bladon 55.3 and Daniel Hockaday 58.8 could only get 4th places, same in the 200m with Zach Montgomery 26.1 and Hockaday 25.3 and again in the 100m Tait Weekes 12.1 and Montgomery 12.4

The Mens 4 x 400m team ran well clocking 3.43.5 for a superb second place.

The womens team ended up with two injuries right at the start weaking the team, but still some good performances, Izzy Hole made her debut in the 1500m Steeplechase event coming second with 6.01, Emily Faulkner came 2nd in the 5000m clocking 20.21.2 breaking the clubs under 20 record.

Kira Angell came 2nd in the 100m hurdles 6.01.3 and she matched that in the High Jump 1.45.

The Discus saw good points as Both Deborah Montgomery 19.47 and Cheryl Angell 16.46 both came 2nd in their strings, Montgomery made it another B string 2nd in the Javelin 20.92, in the Hammer Montgomery came 3rd 20.74 and Angell 2nd B string 18.34, Hole came 3rd in the triple Jump 8.55, back on the track the 1500m  Rosa Lawrence 5.36 had to settle for third place and Faulkner 5.37 for 2nd B string.

The 4 x 400m team came 4th after leading halve way round, with Kira Angell clocking the fastest time 69 seconds.


Berkshire Championships

Team Kennet Athletes secured a massive medal haul at the Berkshire Track and Field Championships on Sunday at Bracknell.

Performance of the day was from under 17 athlete Stuart Bladon breaking a club 13 year old record and winning the County Title in the 400m hurdles clocking 59.63, he then went on later to win Gold in the High Jump in 1.80. Zach Montgomery also struck gold in the same age group in the Shot 11.79 new p.b. and 4th in his heat of the 100m 12.3. The under 15 age group Gold went to Harry Booker in the Discus throwing 35.40 just missing the clubs record which is now in sight, he also got Silver in the Shot, Oliver Gregory threw to a silver medal in the Hammer and took 3rd place in the Discus and a 4th place in the Shot. Ben East had a rare defeat claiming a silver in the Javelin with a throw just short of his best of 46.84. Pheobe Hoaen also struck a double Gold as she excelled to win the Discus 22.78 and Javelin 32.15 , Anna Pettit made sure she got into the medals, leading most the way in the 1500m had to settle for Bronze in a time of 4.59 just 1 second off gold. Charlotte Booker threw a massive personnel best and new u17 club record in the Hammer to earn herself a Bronze medal. In the Senior mens Javelin Luke Angell took another Title and Gold winning with a below par 51.67

Other athletes who went were Anna Montagne u15 girls 100m 13.3 and 200m 27.4 to reach both finals but not placed. The under 13 quadrathon saw Oliver Humphrey, Kian Hockaday and Harry Davis finish mid way, Humphrey jumping 3.97 best of his events in the long jump, where both Hockaday 1.59.8 and Davis 1.57.7 in the 600m their best events.

Over in America senior athlete Nathan Gillis took part in the Annual Southland Conference Championships held in New Orleans, Nathan reached the final to come 10th in his fastest time this year in the 800m of 1.53.24

Elsewhere the club athletes were out in force, the Park house School 10k and Fun Runs, saw Emily Faulkner win her second race in 8 days as first Female home clocking just over 43 minutes, while in the mens race Simon Whatson a previous winner of this race had to settle for 2nd place. Bethan Philp was 1st female in the 5k race, while in the younger 2k race it was Kirsten Fraser that took a 2nd place in the girls race.

Sam Hart (junior) came 18th in the first round of the National Youth & Junior Triathlon Championships in Llanelli over the weekend and younger James McLaughlin (youth) came 13th in his race.

Senior & Vet Chris Turner took part in the Stourhead Immortal Half Distance Triathlon in Wiltshire finishing 67th in 5hrs 42mins and 27 seconds.

Cameron Langley took part in his first ever Duathlon for the club at Beachborough.

Silchester 5 Mile

Team Kennet’s u20 athlete Emily Faulkner was the first woman home in the Silchester 5 mile race on Saturday in a time of 35.41 and finished 13th overall. In the Junior Fun Run of 2.5km Emma Davies came runners up in the girls race.