Coaching Staff

Area Specialism Coach Coaching Level Events Specialism
Hurdles Charlotte Polding Coaching Assistant
Richard Knape Coaching Assistant
Vicki Pasmore Coaching Assistant, Athletics Coach Development in Hurdles
Sprints Andy Russell Coaching Assistant  Development in Sprints
Glenn Davis Coaching Assistant  Development in Sprints
Chris Collins  County Level and above in Sprints
Vicki Pasmore Coaching Assistant, Athletics Coach  Support Sprints Coach
Steve Pennicott  Support Sprints Coach
Ian Osler Coaching Assistant
Josh Willock
Senior Sprints Simon Scholes 1, Athletics Coach
Middle Distance Nick Bull Athletics Coach (3)
Colin Price Coaching Assistant
Gavin McLaughlin Coaching Assistant
Mary Allan Coaching Assistant
Jennie Drake Athletics Coach (2)
Rachel Bladon Coaching Assistant
Chris Turner Leadership in Running Fitness
Throws Stan Chambers Athletics Coach (2) Javelin, Shot
Letitia Rizan Coaching Assistant
Cheryl Angell Athletics Coach (3) Hammer, Discus,
Javelin, Shot
Deborah Montgomery Athletics Coach (2) Javelin, Shot
Luke Angell
Nick Bull Athletics Coach (3) high
Ian Osler Coaching Assistant high
Senior Jumps Simon Scholes 1, Athletics Coach pole, high, long
Triathlon Chris Treacher BTA Level 1
Bart Kujiten BTA Level 2
Iain Adams BTA Level 2
Junior Triathlon Stuart Towler BTA Level 2
Gavin McLaughlin Helper
Athletics Assistants Simon Hockaday Coaching Assistant
Ron Stephenson Coaching Assistant
Gavin McLaughlin 1
Scott Nicholls 1
Janet Walter 1
Chris Hall Coaching Assistant
Dean Makar Coaching Assistant
George Anstie Coaching Assistant
Sonya Donohoe Coaching Assistant
Steve MacLean Coaching Assistant
Nikki Absolom Coaching Assistant
Athletics Leaders
Luke Angell
Alishia Bradford Coaching Assistant
Helpers Elaine Knape Wed Rec
Sarah Wells Wed Rec
Linda McCullough Wed Rec
Alice Barnes Mon Rec
Ruth Jones Mon Rec
Selina Williams
Dave Mitcham
Nicola Baker
Georgina Bradford Coaching Assistant
Anna Rigall Coaching Assistant
Alison Welman
Mark Cornall
Bart Kujiten
Steve Pennicott
Jenny Griffiths
Dom Manton
Sayyora Magliulo

Coaching Levels in red are currently under study or pending award

Note: The older level 1 to level 4 coaching courses have been replaced by Athletics Leader, Coaching Assistant and Athletics Coach.

Qualified Officials

Starter’s Assistant: Nick Bull

Track Judge: Jennie Drake, Vicky Pasmore, Anna Riggall

Timekeeper: Janet Walter, Rob Bradford, Vicky Pasmore


Field: Simon Hockaday, Graham Chambers, Cheryl Angell, Nick Bull, Ron Stephenson, Deborah Montgomery, Janet Walter, Richard Knape