Coaching Staff

Coaching Staff

Area Specialism Coach Coaching Level Events Specialism
Hurdles Nikki Absolom Coaching Assistant
Sprints Andy Russell Coaching Assistant  Development in Sprints
Leon Greenwood Coaching Assistant  U17 – Seniors
Nikki Absolom Coaching Assistant
David Johnston Athletics Coach (2)
Emily Copeman Coaching Assistant
Matthew Scaplehorn Coaching Assistant
Middle Distance Nick Bull Athletics Coach (3)  Steeplechase and all Middle Distance
Colin Price Coaching Assistant
Gavin McLaughlin Coaching Assistant
Jennie Drake Athletics Coach (2)
Simon Gale Leadership in Running Fitness
Bart Kujiten Coaching Assistant
Throws Cheryl Angell Athletics Coach (3) Hammer, Discus,
Javelin, Shot
Stan Chambers Athletics Coach (2) Javelin, Shot
Steve McLean Athletics Coach (2) Discus, Shot
Luke Angell Athletics Coach (2) Javelin
Harry Booker Coaching Assistant Discus, Hammer, Shot
Simon Briggs Coaching Assistant Discus, Hammer, Shot
Jumps Nick Bull Athletics Coach (3) High
Peter Saunders Coaching Assistant – Pending Long, Triple
Emily Copeman Coaching Assistant Long Jump
Triathlon Chris Treacher BTA Level 2
Bart Kujiten BTA Level 2
Junior Triathlon Bart Kujiten BTA Level 2
Chris Hall BTA Level 1
Athletics Assistants Simon Hockaday Coaching Assistant
Ron Stephenson Coaching Assistant
Janet Walter 1
Chris Hall Coaching Assistant
Dean Makar Coaching Assistant
Kylie Woodhead Coaching Assistant
Martine Stiles Coaching Assistant
Emily Copeman Coaching Assistant
Matthew Scaplehorn Coaching Assistant
Helpers Ruth Jones Mon Rec
Moira Fraser Reception
Dave Mitcham
Bart Kujiten
Katie Wallis
Phoebe Hoaen
Tracy Adamson
Elaine Knape Weds Rec
Charlotte Malone
Emma Daley
Simon Briggs
Sarah Wells Wed Rec
Kate Booker Reception
Volunteers Jon Dennis
Sarah Carter
Julia Mary
Tracy Collier
Emma Daley
Sarah Dickson
Jennie East
Lorraine Fearn
Jenny Griffith
Julia Hoaen
Vicky Hockaday
Nicky McDonald Reception
Nick Burdett
Nicole Burdett

Coaching Levels in red are currently under study or pending award

Note: The older level 1 to level 4 coaching courses have been replaced by Athletics Leader, Coaching Assistant and Athletics Coach.

Qualified Officials

Level 2: Clive Richardson

Starter’s Assistant:
Level 2: Nick Bull

Photo Finish:
Level 2: Clive Richardson

Track Judge:
Level 2: Jennie Drake.
Level 1 Trainee: David Johnston

Level 2: Janet Walter, Simon Gale

Level 2: Simon Hockaday, Graham Chambers, Cheryl Angell, Nick Bull, Nikki Absolom,Clive Richardson.
Level 1: Ron Stephenson, Kate Booker, Steve Maclean, Phoebe Hoaen., Hefin Jones
Level 1 Trainee: Janet Walter, Simon Gale, Ben Schiffer-Harte, Dean Maker, Moira Fraser, Dave Smith, Charlotte Booker, Martyn Wright, Emily Copeman