Oxford league Match 2

Team Kennet were back out in action for the 2nd match of the Oxford League on Sunday at Banbury.  Weather conditions slightly different from last year seeing much cooler temperatures.

In the Under 17 women Neve Wright broke the Team Kennet Club record with 1.63m in the high jump, sister Mia 1.45m in the B String.  In the shot Annabel MacLean came 1st 8.89m and 1st in the discus 25.97m.  Mia Wright was also in action in the U17 women 300m finishing 4th 49.7s and in the 200m Annabel MacLean 1st for the B string 29.5s.  Under 15 girls Bethany MacLean 1st in the javelin 23.26m and Zoe Dickson B string 14.40m finishing 3rd.  Evie Lewis was 2nd in the discus 22.59 and B string Dickson 2nd 17.91m.  Lewis and Dickson also 2nd in the shot.  Leilah Gaye finished 2nd in the high jump 1.40m and in the long jump Sophie Moore was 3rd 4.26m and Emelia Lunn, B string 4.17m to take 1st place.  In the 800m Bethany MacLean finished 1st 2:41:4 and Chloe O’Riordan 1st for the B string 3:01:6. The 300m saw Emelia Lunn get 3rd place with 47.7 and B string O’Riordan 1st with 48s.  Bethany MacLean was back out for the 200m finishing 4th with 28.9s.  In the 100m Lunn finished 7th with 14.6s and Moore taking 2nd place B String with 13.9. 

In the under 13s Ella Cronk took 3rd place in the high jump 1.15m and Elenana Wilkinson 1st place B string 1.05m.  Cronk finished 5th in the long jump 3.23m and Wilkinson 4th for the B string 2.67m.  Wilkinson was out for the 1500m finishing 4th with 6.37.5.  In the 800m Cronk claimed 1st place with 2:43:3. 

For the boys, in the under 13s Josh Brian came 5th in the 100m 14.6 and Lestyn Thomas 6th B String 16.6.  Both boys back out again for the 200m with Brian 30.6s and Thomas for the B string 35.8s.  In the 800m Noah Lauder-Clare finished 5th 2:51:2 and B string Oskar Larkin finished 3rd 2:44:6.  Harry Smith came 3rd in the 1500m clocking 5:25:6 and B string William Devall 1st 5:33.2.  In the 4x100m relay Brian, Ladds, Lauder Clarke and Larkin finished 3rd with 60.9s.  Josh Ladd’s finished 5th in the Long jump 3.73m and Luke Stiles 4th in the high jump 1.20m, Oskar Larkin 3rd for the B string with 1.15m.   Rueben Kuijten finished 1st in the shot 6.65m and Ladds 1st for the B string 6.51m.  Kuijten also finished 1st in the discus 19.69m and Lauder-Clarke 2nd for the B string 11.98m.  In the Javelin Lauder-Clarke was 1st with 32.44m and Ladd’s 1st B string 24.69m. 

Under 15 boys James Simmons finished 6th in the 100m 12.7s and in the 200m Kenechi Akosa finished 1st with 23.3, Simmons 1st in the B string 26s.  Akosa was back out for the 300m breaking the club record finishing 1st 38.4s.  In the long jump Simmons was 2nd with 4.85m and Will McDonalds 3.92 for the B string.  McDonald came 1st in the discus 16.71m and 2nd in the javelin 30.82m. 

Euan Avery was non-scoring on the day competing in the 100m 12.1s and 200m 23.7 for the U20M. Also NS was Liam Neil in the 1500m 5:48:2.