Quad Kids Wessex League Match 4

Team Kennet Quad kids went into the final match of the Wessex League at Swindon with their eyes on a top 3 finish and didn’t disappoint. 

Team Kennet 1599

Bournemouth 1602

Swindon 1636

Marlborough 893

Salisbury 1014

Abingdon 1118

Oxford City 1472

With the torrential rain coming down, The U11 Boys went out first on the day with 8 taking part in a very wet Vortex throw.  Some superb throws with Jenson Nichols throwing a huge 30.77m and Malik Gaye close behind with 27.30m.  Gaye stole the show in the long jump with a leap of 3.46m, with Nichols close behind him with 3.38m and Flynn Sanderson and Samuel Atkins both leaping 3.10m.    In the sprints, Nichols was quickest clocking 12s closely followed by Gaye with 12.2s and Samuel Atkins 12.5s.  In the 600m Atkins was quickest clocking 1:59 and Gaye 1:59:6. Other boys taking part Brodie Sanderson, Miles Phoenix, Henry Kaxe, Cedric Roberson.  On the day, the boys finished 4th place with 799points.

After more downpours causing a delay, first up for the girls was the long jump with Matilda Clare leaping the furthest with 3.59m followed by Penelope Lyth 3.28m.  Isla Ladds, Ella McDonald and Alice Stratford all jumping over 3m. Next up the 75m sprints Clare sprinted to the finish line in 11.7s with Orlagh Stratford close behind with 11.9s. The sun shone down for the 600m and it was a strong event for the U11 girls with Clare clocking 1:59:2, Lyth 2:06:9 and Elizabeth Wilson 2:07:3.  Finally in the Vortex Clare threw furthest with 31.18m, A Stratford 26.92m.  Other girls taking part in the Squad of 10 Evie Kearney, Maisie McCurtin and newcomer Sophia Mahoney.  The girls team finishing first on the day with 800 points.

Congratulations to Under 11 Girls winning their age group and winning the Girls Quad kids League out of 26 teams.  Not only this combined with the u11 boys they scored 1599 points to come third today but secured enough points to finish 3rd overall in the Quadkids League out of 26 teams.  Matilda Clare has been crowned u11 girls quad kids champion in Wessex YA League with 241pts.  Clare is our 2nd girl to win Wessex Quad kids individual and this will be the 2nd time girls have won u11 girls quad kids league. 

Photo: Julia Hoaen
Photo: Julia Hoaen