QUADKIDS Oxford League Match 1

Team Kennet QUADKIDS we’re back in action on Sunday for the first Oxford League Match at Horspath. We had a full squad of 32 athletes, U9 boys and girls and U11 boys and girls, first time for Team Kennet to fill the squad so it was set to be an exciting day. 

For the under 9 boys we had Alexander Browning, Gethin Thomas, Jacob Williams, Max Burt and Sebastian Lauder-Clarke taking part, team scores finished at 458 ranking them first team on the day with Gethin Thomas finishing 4th overall. 

In the under 9 girls squad Matilda Saunders, Evelyn Barker and Darcy Scaplehorn scored a combined score of 221 ranking them also in first place. Matilda Saunders took 2nd overall. 

The 10 under 11 boys put in a solid performance scoring 678 points which allowed them to finish 6th on the day. Malik Gaye and Connor O’Riordan were quickest with 12.3s and 12.4s in the 75m. Flynn Sanderson’s long jump was strong at 3.42m and just behind him was Leo Jenkins 3.01m. The Vortex throw saw Malik Gaye and Joshua Kuijten battling it out to throw the furthest. Gaye throwing 22.96m just ahead of Kuijten 22.71m.  Finally in the 600m Samuel Atkins was quickest for the squad finishing with a time of 2.10.8s.  Other boys taking part, Brodie Sanderson, Henry Kaxe, Joshua Bailey and Miles Phoniex.

The 14 U11 girls had a brilliant day scoring 770 overall to finish 1st on the day. Matilda Clare again taking the top spot and Ella Larkin 2nd, Quinn Joyce 4th and Penelope Lyth 5th.  First event was the vortex and with the wind proved a challenge, Ella Larkin and Matilda Clare both throwing over 20m. The 75m saw Clare clock the fastest time for TK 12s and followed by Lyth 12.4s, with Larkin and Joyce 12.5s.  In the long jump Clare leaped furthest with 3.51m, Lyth again close behind 3.24m.  The last event was the 600m which saw some exciting battles to the finish. In the first heat Larkin took the lead however Joyce 1.59.0s stormed to the finish to just beat Larkin 1.59.6s. Another battle between Clare and Lyth saw Lyth overtake Clare in the final 200m to clock 2.08.8s, Clare 2.11.7s. Also finishing well in the 600m Ella McDonald with a time of 2.11.5s in her heat. 

The U11 girls finished the day by entering two relay teams for the 4x100m. Team 1 Clare, Joyce, O Stratford and Lyth, Team 2, Millie Barlow, Larkin, A Stratford and Elodie Burdett. Team 1 stormed to the finish line with a time of 63.9s and team 2 clocking a time of 69.7s with the club record of 62.3 in sight! 

Other girls taking part Matilda Pedersen, Grace Hogg, Isabel Fagan, Elizabeth Wilson and Megan Jones.

With all the scores Team Kennet QUADKIDS won the match on the day. Well done to all!