Wessex League Quad Kids

Team Kennet Quad kids were back in action for the final round of the League held in Abingdon on Sunday.  They ended the season with a squad of 19 and finishing 2nd overall on the day behind Bournemouth. In the final standings Team Kennet Quadkids were 7th overall out of 26 teams. 

Match results

1 Bournemouth 1725

 2 Team Kennet 1449

3 Slough Juniors 1442

4 Aldershot 1417

5 Waverley Harriers 1278

6 Havant / SETAFA 1135

7 Poole Runners 775

Under 11 boys had a strong squad of 10 finishing 3rd overall with Oscar Larkin scoring 205 points and leaping the furthest for TK with a jump of 3.22m.  Elliot Bell was also strong in the long jump with 3.08m.  Malik Gaye and Euan Jones were fastest in the 75m sprint both clocking 12.03s. 

The under 11 boys had 3 newcomers for the final match, Joshua Bailey, Leslyn Thomas and Samuel Atkins all scoring good points for the team.  Thomas threw furthest for TK in the vortex with 27.39m. 

Ronny Bowsher was quickest for Team Kennet in the 600m clocking 02:03:05 with Larkin behind with 2:04:9 and Euan Jones 02:07:2. 

Other boys taking part were Henry Bell and Rudy Bowsher.

Under 11 girls also had a strong squad with 9 girls finishing 4th overall.  Ella Larkin was top scorer for TK with 177 points and threw furthest for TK in the vortex with 19.50m. Isla Ladd’s wasn’t far behind with a throw of 18.78m.

Close behind Larkin, Penelope Lyth scored 172 points leading TK in the 75m sprint clocking 12.46s and leaping the furthest with 3.19m.  Harriet Saunders, Ella McDonald and Orlagh Stratford all leaped over 3m. Quinn Joyce had an outstanding 600m to win her race with 2:06:7. Also scoring well in the 600m Larkin was close behind Joyce with 2:08:7.  Other girls taking part were Edith Evans and Alice Stratford.