Wessex Quadkids 2

Team Kennet Quadkids Team (u11s) finished third at Swindon in the Wessex Young Athletes league match Round two on Sunday.

Bournemouth finished winners with 1481 in a tight contested match, with Marlborough Athletics taking 2nd 1455 and Team Kennet 3rd 1413, Basingstoke took 4th 1361 followed by Woking 854 and Salisbury 499

Noah lauder Clark finished 2nd best Boy on the day with 221 points, clocking 12 seconds for the 75m , 3.32 in the long jump, 31.74 in the Vortex and 2.08 in the 600m, Ben Daley was hot on his toes in the 600m matching Noah’s Time , and throwing vortex over 30m. Joshua Ladds ran his best in the 75m clocking 12.1, Rufus Davies also his sprint best 12.4, other boys were Harry Barnett and Oscar Larkin

The girls Anna Hall led the way in the 600m with a time of 2.06.3 and throwing vortex 27.67, Ella Cronk was fastest of the TK girls in 12.3 for the 75m, Olivia Rayfield was the girls best long jumper 3.00m, other girls who took part were Jess McCurtin, Mia Kearney and Maja Cotton