SEAA Heptathlon

Team Kennet’s Stuart Bladon broke every record going over the weekend in the under 20 South of England Heptathlon Championships to be crowned Champion setting a new South of England Championship record of 5040 pts.

On his way he also broke every single individual event club record, day 1 saw the 60m sprint clocking a very fast 7.31 that put him in 2nd place after event one, His Long jump saw a big 6.36m but this slipped Stuart to 4th place in the standings, but with a big Shot throw of 12.63 this moved him up to third place, the last event of day 1 was the high jump, clearing 1.89 he ended the day in second place.

Day 2 started of with the 60m hurdles and event Stuart is now really thriving on, he clocked a very fast 8.32 to keep him in 2nd place but closed the gap, next event came was the Pole Vault, the event leader had pulled out so this meant Bladon could seal a win on a high clearance, he did so with a first time ever of the 4m mark eventually clearing 4.03m to take the lead with just one event left the 1000m endurance run, although he wasn’t the quickest but his time of 2.54.41 was still impressive but crossed the line as event winner and a new Championship Record.