Oxford League Quadkids

In the 3rd match of the Oxford League, Team Kennet’s Under 9 Boys team finished 1st with 651 points. The Under 9 girls team was 2nd with 200 points, the Under 11 boys were 6th with 637 points and the Under 11 girls 2nd with 633 points. Both Under 9 teams won the league with the Under 11 girls 2nd in their age group and the Under 11 boys 6th.

For the Under 9 boys, Austin Ambrose was the overall winner with 195 points with Aiden Fleming 168 (3rd overall), Noah Lauder-Clark 161 (5th overall) and Joshua Ladds 127 the other scorers for the team. Emma Long was the top TK Under 9 girl (4th overall) despite missing the 600m with an ankle injury. Holly Lockett was 5th overall with 97 points.

For the Under 11 girls, Bethany MacLean was overall winner with 216 points with Erin Gosney 177, Eloise Ross 122 and Millie Phillips/Tillie Bell 118 the other scorers. For the Boys, Ethan Kuijten on 212 points was just piped by Harry Fenner on 217 with Will McDonald 208 the other scorer for the team.

In the individual events, there was another overall 1-2-3 by Noah, Austin and Aiden in the U9B Vortex throw, a 1-2 for Austin and Aiden in the long jump and in the 75m and a 3rd overall for for Austin in the 600m. Overall wins for Emma in 75m, Long Jump and Vortex for U9g. An overall 4th place for Will in the U11B long jump and 3rd for Harry in the vortex and an overall wins for Bethany in the U11G Vortex.