Oxford League Quadkids

In the 2nd match of the Oxford League, Team Kennet’s Under 9 Boys team finished 1st with 633 points. The Under 9 girls team was 2nd with 159 points, the Under 11 boys were 4th with 779 points and the Under 11 girls 3rd with 564 points.

For the Under 9 boys, Austin Ambrose was the overall winner with 199 points with Aiden Fleming 152, Noah Lauder-Clark 145 and Zack Humphreys 137 the other scorers for the team. Emma Long was the sole Under 9 girl and came 1st overall.

For the Under 11 girls, Bethany MacLean was overall winner with 212 points with Amber Styles 152, Lilia Gale 124 and Florence Waite 76 the other scorers. For the Boys, Ethan Kuijten on 210 points was overall 7th with Will McDonald 201, Harry Fenner 195 and Charlie Todd 173 all scoring points for the team.

In the individual events, the highlight performances were an overall 1-2-3 by Noah, Flynn Murray and Austin in the U9B Vortex throw, Overall wins for Austin in the 75m and Long Jump, both of which broke 7 year old club records. Overall wins for Emma in 75m, 600m and Vortex for U9g. An overall 3rd place for Will in the U11B vortex and overall wins for Bethany in the U11G 600m and Vortex plus a 2nd place in the 75m.