Wessex Quadkids Match 4

Team Kennet’s Quadkids team could only finish in 6th place in the final Wessex League match at Andover as the boys were severely depleted.

For the girls, Bethany MacLean topped the yellow vests and came 5th overall with 208 points. Erin Gosney scored 181 with Leilah Gaye 129 and Eloise Ross 128 the other scorers.

For the boys, Harry Fenner’s score of 214 was 6th overall with Joseph Bell 156 the only other boy taking part.

In the Vortex throw, Bethany threw 27.92 (3rd overall) with Erin throwing 20.09 and Eliska Simpson throwing 17.84m for the girls. Harry threw 35.12 to win overall for the boys with Joseph throwing 23.78m.

In the 600m run, Bethany’s 2.04.1 was 5th overall with Erin 2.12.5 and Leilah 2.24.5 for the girls. The boys were close with Harry 2.19.9 and Joseph 2.21.9.

In the 75m sprint Bethany’s time of 11.8s was 3rd overall for the girls with Erin 12.2 and Tillie 12.5 just behind while Harry ran 12.3 and Joseph 14.0 for the boys.

In the Long Jump, Erin 2.99 just pipped Bethany 2.98 with Leilah 2.69 for the girls. Harry’s leap of 3.32m was 5th overall for the boys with Joseph 2.85.