Oxford League Match 3 Quadkids

In the Oxford League Quadkids for the under 9s and 11s at Banbury where numbers were low due to holidays, Team Kennet’s U9 girls team finished as winners with 181 points. The Under 11 girls were 2nd with 772 points while the boys were in 6th place on 466 points. Subject to confirmation, the under 9 girls team were overall league winners with under 11 girls in second place.

Individually, Tillie Bell’s score of 94 just outscored Lilia Gale on 87 points. Kirsten Fraser with 208 was overall 3rd on the day with Claire McGonnell (8th overall) 202, Ava Elverson 188 and Catherine Jones 174 scoring the team points.  Oscar Pasmore 162. Edward Mackie 156 and William Appleby 148 all scored points for the boys.

For the Under 11 boys, Oscar and William were joint fastest over 75m in 12.8. Over 600m Oscar was quickest in 2.15 while Edward jumped furthest with 2.91 and Wiulliam throwing furthest with 19.49.

For the girls, Lexie Willmouth and Octavia Thomas were fastest and 3rd overall in the 75m with Claire and Lyla Goodwin just behind on 12.1. In the 600m Kirsten was overall 2nd in 1.59 over 600m with Lexie 2.12 and Claire 2.13. In the long jump Ava Elverson was 8th overall with 3.24 with Claire 3.22 and Kirsten 3.21 while the Vortex saw Claire in 3rd overall with 26.06 with Kirsten 23.22 and Ava 23.12