Oxford League Quadkids

In the Oxford League Quadkids for the under 9s and 11s at Oxford, Team Kennet’s U9 girls team finished as winners with 406 points. The Under 11 girls were 2nd wuith 742 points while the boys were in 5th place on 764 points.

Individually, Bethany MacLean was 2nd Under 9 girl overall on 146 points with Lilia Gale 92, Millie Phillips 91 and Erin Cartwright 72 completing the team score. Kirsten Fraser and Zoe Allen both scored 194 points for 5th Under 11 girl overall with Annabel MacLean 186 (8th overall), Grace Wotherspoon 168 and Lyla Goodwin 152 points. Newcomer William Harris on 243 was the highest place TK boy in 4th overall with Ollie Tozer 198, Finley Plumpton 162 and Joseph Hoaen 161 the other point scorers.

For the Under 11 boys, William was fastest over 75m in 11.2 (4th overall) with Ollie 11.7 and Finley 12.1. Over 600m Ollie 1.58.3 (5th overall) just pipped William 1.58.8 with Joseph 2.14.6. The long jump saw William 3.43 (5th overall), Jack Pike 3.13 and Kian D’Arcy-Masters 2.76 and in the Vortex William (4th) 31.58 out threw Ollie 26.05 and Finley 24.23.

For the girls, Zoe 11.6 was fastest overall with Kirsten and Lyla both on 12.3 in the 75m. In the 600m Kirsten was overall winner in 1.58.9 with Zoe 2.02.3 and Annabel 2.10.8 while in the
long jump Grace 3.14, Kirsten 3.02 and Lyla 2.92 jumped furthest and in the vortex Annabel 26.94 was another overall winner with Grace 23.54 and Zoe 22.14 not far behind.

In the Under 9s, Bethany ran a new club record of 2.14.3 and was overall winner with Lilia 2.32.9 and Millie 2.34.6. Bethany was also fastest TK sprinter in 13.4 with Erin 13.7 and Millie
14.5 while Bethany jumped 2.52 for overall 2nd with Lilia 1.91 and Erin 1.83 and Bethany threw 17.60 (overall winner) with Lilia 11.27 (overall 3rd) and Millie 10.75.