Reading Half Marathon

Team Kennet Triathlon and Athletics Club saw nearly 20 of its club runners out at the Reading Half Marathon on Sunday, in very Windy conditions but warm.
First home for the club was Veteran runner Chris Turner in 1hr 23mins 11seconds finishing in 283rd place, next home was the clubs newest runner Ben Schiffer-Harte in 1hr 26mins and 27 seconds finishing in 417th place. Other club runners

Mark Dunstan 1111th 1.36.29
Mark Gallimore 1210th 1.37.44
Helen Preedy 1383rd 1.39.14
Sean Bird 2323rd 1.46.07
Neil Atherton 2349th 1.46.16
Mark Cannons 1.47.05
Roger Davis 2656th 1.48.24
Georgia Marriott 3010th 1.51.14
John Marriott 3009th 1.51.14
Kim D’Arcy-Masters 1.54.03
Tony Duck 3557th 1.55.23
Simon Gale 4643rd 1.59.14
Gerry Isles 6105th 2.08.23
Jenny Drake 6696th 2.12.54
Cheryl Angell 9079th 2.43.11