SAL Match 5

Team Kennet Senior team travelled to Bournemouth with just one thing on their minds, to take as many points as possible but with many stuck in traffic it was touch and go if some would make it. With many of us doubling up to cover events, the day went well with TK taking 3rd place overall.
Swindon     218
Bournemouth 199
Team Kennet 185
East Grinstead 150
Poole Runners 65
Sam Randall kicked off with an impressive 100m sprint coming 1st 11.7, a 200m 2nd place 23.5. Randall teamed up with Evan Hartley in the 400 Hurdles and 400m with both taking 1st places in the Hurdle 61.2 and Hartley 67.8 and 2nd places in the 400 with 53.8 & 59.3 respectively. Callum O’Neil cover miles of running for Team Kennet with a 1st place 5000m 16.13, 2nd in the steeplechase 7.49 & 5th in the 1500m. On the field the men also fared well with Tomas Murphy taking 1st in the high jump 1.88, Murphy took 2nd in the triple jump 10.10 with Randal 4th with 10.62 and then 4th in the Long Jump with Hartley 2nd in the B string with 5.05. Randal then teamed up with brother Christian in Shot putt, both taking 3rd place with Sam 8.19 & Christian 7.51. The biggest competition on the day came from the men’s Javelin with Christian Randall teaming up with training partner Luke Angell.  A tussle developed between Angell and the Bournemouth athlete but Angell regained his form and came out with maximum points with a throw of 57.38 and Randall taking 2nd place with 39.40 for the B string. Both turned out again in the Discus side by side with both gaining 3rd places with Angell 24.82pb A string & Randall 20.63 for B string.
The ladies fared extremely well as injuries starting to hinder. On the track Georgia Featherstone came in 2nd in the 100m 13.7 & Deborah Montgomery taking 4th for the B string. Featherstone went one better in the 200 taking 1st place 28.3. Georgina Bradford stepped up and took 1st place in the 400m with Rachel Bladon 1st for B string. Bradford teamed up with Rhea Walters in the 800m with both taking 1st place 2.37 & 2.50 respectively. Bradford then teamed up with Kirsty Bennet in the 1500m both girls taking maximum points. 5.37 & 6.17. Bennet then tackled the 3000m taking 2nd place. In the 400 hurdles Bladon took 2nd |& Walters taking 1st for the B string. Both ladies then took the challenge of the Steeplechase where both came in 1st for the A & B string. On the field the trio of Alisha Bradford, Cheryl Angell & Deborah Mongomery pulled in some valuable points. In the Hammer, Bradford and Angell both took 3rd place 24.79 & 19.52. Again they teamed up in the Discus with Bradford taking 2nd 27.74 & Angell taking 4th 14.64. Javelin saw both Montgomery & Angell both take 3rd place with 21.16 & 15.10sb respectively. The Shot saw Montgomery take 4th & Bradford