Woking YA Open Championship

Anna Pettit and Mia Eldridge were the only Team Kennet athletes at the Woking Open Championship but came away with 3 medals, two PBs and one club record.

Anna won her 800m time trial in 2m 38.43s to come 2nd overall and then ran a PB in 200m heats (30.91s) but did not qualify for the final.

Mia had a long day with a early discus competition at 10am (25.04m, 3rd overall) and a 15.00s in the 100m heats at 10.50am followed by a 5 hour wait for the shot put. The wait proved worth it as Mia won the shot and produced her best set of throws in 2014 (9.39, 9.42, 10.07, 9.56, 10.18 and 9.65) to break her PB and club record (9.72m) not once but twice as well as break the 10m mark. She also moved back into the top 5 in the UK rankings.