SAL Match 5

Winchester                 350pts
Eastbourne                 336pts
Team Kennet               216pts
Holland Sports             152pts
Medway pk Phoenix     0 pts

In Horrendous weather conditions and a small TK contingent, the team did well to earn 3rd place in the competition. In the men’s section, On the field  Luke Angell and Matthew Hunter took 1st place in both strings in the javelin with 56.80 & 38.19 respectfully. The team of Stan Chambers and Anthony Hewitt earned valuable points in Shot & Discus and in the Long jump a double 1st came from Josh Willock & George Hunter jumping 6.98 & 5.35 and again teaming up for the Triple jump claiming 1st for both athletes with Hunter 12.49 & Willock 12.27. The high jump saw Thomas Murphy win A string with 1.70 and Joe Osler the B string with 1.60. On the track with limited number saw Mike Sheriden take on the 1500m and 5000m earning a pb of 19.02. With Willock 2nd & Biggs 3rd in the 100m and Willock & Joe McCarthy 3rd in the 200. In the relays saw the mens team come in 3rd 4×100 & 4th 4x 400m.

The ladies section performed well with the Duo of Alisha Bradford and Cheryl Angell winning both strings in the Hammer with 28.70 pb & 18.86 respectfully. Again the girls teamed up for Discus, both taking 2nd place. The shot saw Bradford and Deborah Montgomery taking 2nd place each and then Montgomery 3rd in the A string and Angell taking 2nd in the B string Javelin. In the Long Jump Millie Calkin took 1st with 4.82 and Georgina Bradford 3rd.  Rachel Bladon took points on the High Jump and then on the track a 3rd in the 100m. The combination of Calkin & G Bradford took 1st’s in the 400m strings. With G Bradford and Bladon in the 800m both took 1st with 2.23 & 2.32. finally in the 4×100 relay saw TK ladies come in 3rd place.